China: Food poisoning hits more than 30 Minhang workers

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By Jane Chen  |   2009-8-19  |  


MORE than 30 workers have fallen ill after eating meals last night provided by a food company in Minhang District.

Five are still hospitalized while the rest have recovered and been discharged from hospitals, the reported.

Doctors said they are typical victims of food poisoning.

More than 20 of the victims are from City Real Estate Co Ltd and were sent to Minhang Central Hospital for treatment. The other 12 who worked in the same office building as the other victims were treated at Dahua Hospital.

All victims had eaten meals provided by food company Haoweilai, the Website said.

The supper meals featured curb bean products, meat, fish and tomato, said a worker surnamed Wu.

Five of the victims were on a business trip by train when they developed the food poisoning symptoms, Wu said.

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