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With increased scrutiny on food safety, the JBT FoodTech Bin Scrubber System sets a new industry standard for bin cleaning and sanitation. Unique in its ability to physically scrub, this system reduces operating cost while leaving bins cleaner than those either washed manually or by other competing systems that only use high pressure water. This patent-pending bin scrubber system is 100% PLC (programmable logic control) operated, and is designed for use on plastic and wood bins.

The Bin Scrubber System achieves exceptional cleaning of the bin surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas such as corners and slats. Field bins are delivered to the scrubber on an automatic line. A cradle elevates and tips the bin onto a brush head that spins and scrubs while high pressure nozzles spray the exterior of the bin clean. The sprayed water is sanitized, filtered, and recycled into a 500 gallon containment system, reducing overall water consumption and providing an opportunity for waste minimization and cost savings to the customer. With an optional JBT FoodTech Chemtrol ph/ORP controller, sanitizer levels are controlled and data-logged making food
safety record keeping simple.

“All shippers of any size should use this system” states John Demshki, Chief Executive Officer for Corona College Heights during a recent Q&A. He further went on to write that “the advantages of this system compared to others are the robustness of the machine, the simplicity of operation… and its cost.” Designed for installation into existing bin lines and off-line configuration, the simple operator interface allows the customer to adjust cleaning cycle times based on line speeds and bin dirt loads. “The exceptional cleaning by brushing action, combined with a high-flow water spray manifold ensures the bin is cleaned and sanitized when it leaves the Bin Scrubber System” says Rob Goetz, JBT FoodTech’s Equipment and Aftermarkets Manager.

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