UK: Seven cases of E.coli investigated

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An investigation is under way into seven cases of E.coli in a single village.

NHS Grampian and Aberdeenshire Council said those diagnosed with the O157 strain shared a private water supply in eight homes in Auchinclech, near Westhill in Aberdeenshire, in the north east of Scotland.

The health board said there were eight other individuals with similar symptoms and an investigation is under way.

NHS Grampian said children were among those suffering from the infection. Two adults were admitted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and have since been discharged, while the remainder were seen by their GPs.

An NHS Grampian spokesman said: "None of those affected are currently giving cause for concern."

Householders in the affected homes are being advised to boil their water while the inquiry to identify the source of the infection continues.

Dr Helen Howie, a consultant in public health medicine at NHS Grampian, said: "A letter went out to all residents last night to let them know what is going on."

She added that investigators were examining whether heavy rainfall in the area in recent weeks could have led to the outbreak.

Dr Howie said: "This outbreak highlights the risks associated with private water supplies. Such supplies are liable to bacteriological contamination causing infections such as E.coli O157. Householders are encouraged to contact the Environmental Health Service and seek advice on how to improve their supply."

Aberdeenshire Council is also providing advice on how householders can improve their water quality, including the installation of filters.



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