Slicers blamed for food poisoning

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The president of a Canadian food company said an investigation into a deadly bacteria outbreak linked to at least 13 deaths revealed that listeria bacterium may have accumulated in slicing equipment at the company's Toronto plant.

Maple Leaf Foods chief executive Michael McCain said bacteria may have built up "deep inside" the mechanical components of two slicing machines, even though they were cleaned frequently.

There have been at least 13 deaths in Canada connected to the bacteria at the Maple Leaf Foods plant. Six more deaths are being investigated. In all, 38 cases of listeriosis have been confirmed and 20 more are suspected.

Listeriosis is a type of food poisoning that can be dangerous to people with compromised immune systems. Symptoms include fever, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

The investigation shut down the plant and all 220 products produced there were recalled.

The recall is limited to Canada.



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