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Company: Arden Culinary

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·         Date:09/09/2010

·         Location:Lakeville

·         State:Minnesota

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Food Technol/Scientists, Research & Development

Job Description



Executive Chef with 10 years of fine dining experience,

possessing aptitude to learn frozen food manufacturing

Bellisio Foods, the beautiful foods company, is a fast growing, profitable, global company providing quality, innovative food that fulfills consumer needs.  Bellisio Foods makes a strong investment in people who are committed to building dynamic and respected brands. We strive for excellence in all that we do. 


  • Research recipes and/or work with Culinary to establish Gold Standard protocepts.  From the Gold Standard protocepts, develop experimental formula and process, which are reproducible in scale-up. Establish best testing protocol for the bench in order to continue the product evolution along the most efficient process. Follow the planned development design at the bench by hands-on work and/or directing the technician in the bench work.
  • Consult and communicate with outside labs and supplier technical representatives to assist in making proper ingredient choices for the indicated applications. Stay abreast of the most recent technology advances, in order to take advantage of new products and technologies, which will assist Arden Culinary in maintaining a competitive edge in both product quality and cost containment.
  • Keep detailed, disciplined research/project files and records by developing, writing and maintaining finished product formulae, as well as ingredient and packaging specifications. Maintain complete records and logs of assigned research projects, and all activities that interface with production, purchasing and quality assurance. Ensure consistent and complete documentation of all technological efforts.
  • Organize and execute plant trials and scale-up runs of approved products. Effectively communicate with Purchasing, Production/Ops and QA regarding any unique ingredients or processes. Effectively trouble shoot in-process situations and take appropriate action to minimize any detrimental effects to the final product due to incorrect processing/ingredient use. Evaluate test products post-freeze, assess the significance of any new knowledge obtained then determine to implement the new information in the next plant run or if it is necessary return to the bench to rectify issues prior to future plant trials.
  • Participate in cost savings projects by identifying potential new ingredients, preliminarily evaluating new ingredients by re-developing/refining existing products and processes in bench tests, ultimately organizing and executing initial production runs to fully evaluate new ingredients. Evaluate new ingredients and/or components in order to enhance product quality/ performance/producibility. Interact with Production, Quality Assurance and Purchasing to improve product and/or process quality, explore and promote existing product line capabilities and aid in the development of the refined products.
  • Assist organization in evaluating new equipment for enhancing product quality, reducing costs and streamlining/refining processing procedures, Assist in evaluation of new packaging concepts, evaluating and approving alternative methods for processing products, evaluating new ingredients and approving alternate suppliers of existing ingredients.
  • Participate in product presentations to customers and potential customers by preparing products, providing product concept definition and performance parameters. Assist in the Marketing/Sales efforts of Arden Culinary by providing technical information to enhance the company’s competitive edge and therefore increase sales and profitability.
  • Analyze data, gather information and develop solutions to complex or elusive frozen food technology problems, individually and in team settings.
  • Manage costing process for all new products and product changes, including circulating all pertinent documentation throughout organization.
  • Develop specifications for raw ingredients, processing procedures and finished products. Communicate raw ingredient specs with suppliers and Purchasing; communicate processing procedures/specs with QA and Production; communicate finished product specs with Production, QA, Sales and the customer.
  • Maintain and build strong customer bonds with assigned projects.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology/Food Science or related field
  • 4 years experience in Product Development creating whole meal solutions
  • Strong team player with good interpersonal skills and the ability to think independently
  • Strong presentation and verbal skills to relate technical information to coworkers without technical backgrounds

Arden Culinary offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefit package



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