UK: Chicken dishes at Runcorn takeaway blamed for salmonella outbreak

1:00pm Wednesday 10th September 2008

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By Barbara Jordan »

SALMONELLA food poisoning hit 16 customers who ate food from a Runcorn takeaway, Halton Council confirmed today.

No fresh cases have been reported since K Lee Supper Bar in Church Street closed on August 20.

Two of the victims were admitted to hospital.

A Halton Council spokesperson said: “Fifteen of the 16 cases consumed chicken dishes.

“Although investigations continue to identify the source of the outbreak, the bug was most likely brought into the premises on raw chicken or egg.

“We would like to remind food businesses and members of the public that raw chicken and eggs can carry salmonella bacteria.

“Salmonella is killed by thorough cooking.

“The preparation of raw foods should be completely separated from foods that are ready to eat without further cooking.

“This should include separate equipment and utensils.

“Food handlers should thoroughly wash their hands after handling raw meat and eggs.”

The owner voluntarily closed the premises for cleaning and disinfecting.

it has now been allowed to re-open following checks by health inspectors.


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