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Future Opportunity - Food Scientist - Confectionery / Chocolate Experience Hershey, PA

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This job posting is for a "future opportunity" and does not represent a current vacancy.  Job listings such as this allow The Hershey Company to proactively review and identify talent on an on-going basis before a position becomes available.  We encourage you to submit your credentials today with the understanding that a real position does not exist and that you may not be contacted by a recruiter in reference to your resume submission.  When an appropriate position opens that matches your profile, we will contact you to apply directly to the new position. 


Residing at The Hershey Company's Technical Center, this position involves a unique opportunity to manage projects associated with the continuous improvement of our existing chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery formulations.  Aligned within the highly visible Continuous Improvement group, the selected individual will travel up to 50% to our modern manufacturing facilities in North America to support product, process or cost improvement activities across various product lines.  This person will be strong in the applied science of food technology from benchtop to scale-up as opposed to being a research-oriented new product development specialist.  While our product portfolios are deeply rooted in chocolate products, individuals with non-chocolate confectionery experience, such as hard candy, licorice or confectionery snacks, are equally valued for their expertise. 


NOTE: This position is a future opportunity for 2012.



-- Under minimal to moderate direction this position will assume primary responsibility for project or new product leadership and problem solving undertaking core brand product and process improvement projects of major importance, complexity or scope.


--Undertakes projects as assigned, identifies/makes suggestions for initiation of projects, or recommending termination as experience allows with a focus on improving product quality, shelf stability, operations productivity and product margins.


 --Assumes responsibility for participating in project design and methodology, problem solving through application of knowledge and original thinking. Tests ideas through preparation of experimental formulations, applications and manufacturing trials.


-- Under general direction, takes initiative to secure from all available sources all pertinent advice, ideas, and information having a bearing upon a project. Provide leadership and instruction to technicians and lower level professional personnel assigned to a project. Provides coordination of efforts to other technical or operations members of the project team as is necessary.


-- Utilizes technical training and skills to evaluate new or emerging technologies and determine benefits that they would have when applied to the Hershey product line and manufacturing operations. Participates as an active member on company wide multifunctional Product Excellence teams leading process and product evaluations at the manufacturing locations. Coordinates the operation of plant processing or laboratory equipment or apparatus in the performance of tests or the implementation of improvements.


-- Recommends, designs and implements studies within operations that determine process capability. Reviews results of tests with others and recommends further testing and/or changes deemed necessary to reduce waste, rework, and/or overweights, that assures process capacity to meet the business plan. Identifies and applies basic methods of measuring the benefits of recommendations for improvement of Economic Profit. Conducts follow up reviews and operator training to assure sustainability of improvements. Prepares project reports, deducts significance of results and conclusions and makes presentations of findings to Management as pertinent to complete assignments.


-- Maintains up to date knowledge related to ingredients, formulation and processing in a minimum of 2 technical areas related to chocolate, confectionery, candy or related snack foods. Demonstrates knowledge and proficiency related to change management (Product Change Management, Quality Through Excellence, Product Excellence Program, Good Manufacturing Practices, Product and Process Specification Development and updating, Product Formula System). Provides updates to operations and related Technical Dept. throughout the company that allows for timely decision making and the execution of testing schedules in an expedient and effective manner.


This position can be filled at various levels depending on the education and experience level of the selected candidate:



Senior Scientist (SG 208):  Bachelor's Degree in Food Science, Food Engineering, or Chemistry with a minimum of 4  years experience must be in candy, chocolate, confectionery or related food manufacturing setting.


Assistant Staff Scientist (SG209):  Bachelor's Degree in Food Science, Food Engineering, or Chemistry or a related field with a minimum of 6 years of applicable work experience or a Master's Degree with a minimum of 4 years of experience. Experience must be in candy, chocolate, confectionery or related food manufacturing setting. 


Associate Scientist (SG210):  Bachelor's Degree in Food Science, Food Engineering, or Chemistry with a minimum of 8 years of applicable work experience or a Master's Degree with a minimum of 6 years of applicable work experience. A minimum of 4 years experience must be in candy, chocolate, confectionery or related food manufacturing setting.


PLEASE NOTE: For each level, you must have a least 4 years of experience in candy, chocolate, confectionery or related food manufacturing.



Knowledge/ Skills/ Abilities:

  • Demonstrated ability of technical knowledge
  • Highly innovative individual
  • Highly motivated individual
  • Be comfortable with laboratory, pilot plant and plant equipment and in said environments
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Possess good computer skills (working knowledge of Word, Excel, and Power Point)
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to be flexible as priorities may change


* This is a "Future Opportunities" posting used to identify talented Food Technologists ahead of actual job openings.  If you have an expertise in Confectionery/Chocolate, please apply today to have your credentials reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Candidates with outstanding experience and education may receive informal interviews prior to vacancy notifications.



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Hershey is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V



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