Job Title:

Adjunct Instructor - Food Science - San Francisco, CA


California Culinary Academy


San Francisco, CA 94103


GENERAL PURPOSE: Provide fully prepared current instruction that meets desired learning outcomes; academic advising and career related counseling to students; actively engage in retention activities; identify and assist at-risk students, and provide support for program and institutional initiatives. 


  • Teach courses as assigned by Program Director up to the maximum number of contact hours allowed by current accreditation. ·       ·      
  • Actively engage in retention activities including documented communication with both students and administration regarding attendance and progress.  ·      
  • To identify “At Risk” students and relay this to the appropriate individuals in the Education Department. ·      ·      
  • Assist students with registration and academic advice as requested by the Program Director·      
  • Provide assistance for the planning, development and maintenance of program curriculum.·      
  • Work with the Program Director to resolve student concerns.·       ·      
  • Mentor select groups of new faculty and maintain continuity of curriculum. ·       ·      
  • Assist in the classroom review of adjunct faculty.·       ·      
  • Provide annual documentation of continuing professional growth, including completion of 30 hours of continuing education per calendar year.·       ·      
  • Attend regularly scheduled program meetings, faculty in-service workshops and college-wide faculty meetings. ·       ·      
  • Manage special projects as formally assigned by the Program Chair (including, but not limited to, the organization and posting of student work for display; assistance with orientation programs and open houses; assistance with accreditation preparation.)·       ·      
  • Adhere to and publicly support school policies and procedures, included but not limited to the faculty handbook, and catalog.·       ·      
  • Attend graduation ceremonies.·       ·      
  • Perform other duties and projects as assigned

SKILLS/ABILITIES: ·       ·      

  • Documented expertise in academic subject area ·       ·      
  • Expertise in interpersonal and oral presentation/written communication skills, as demonstrated by data sheet, diplomas, degrees, transcripts, certifications, CVs/Resumes, and in personal interview.

EXPERIENCE: ·       ·      

  • 5 years of work experience

EDUCATION: ·       ·      

  • Bachelor’s degree in subject matter teaching area required  



College Level Online Teaching Experience, Online Teaching Experience, Delivery Methods, Principles, Techniques, & Methods of Instruction


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