Food Safety Manager

Nearest Metro City: Phoenix, AZ


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Highly competitive package, commensurate with experience

General Manager


1) Oversee all functions related to food safety by applying regulatory, company and customer policies, programs as well as guidelines
2) Perform the duties of the Senior Manager of Quality as well as the Quality Supervisor
3) Submit samples to the laboratory and issue Certificates of Analysis (COA) as needed
4) Carry out microbiological sampling and release of products
5) Observe pre-operational inspections on a regular basis
6) Manage pre-operational inspection training
7) Assist with the HACCP Plan (reassessments, quarterly meetings, etc.)
8) Perform record HACCP review on a daily basis
9) Oversee HACCP training and all other food safety-related training at plant level
10) Coordinate and conduct monthly facility quality improvement audits
11) Assist with third-party audits as needed
12) Coordinate and conduct quarterly cold storage facility quality improvement audits
13) Assist with yearly reviewing of all quality programs as well as any internal auditing
14) Communicate with internal/external customers to resolve all issues or problems that require resourcefulness, tact and discretion
15) Apply broad knowledge of products and services when communicating with individuals outside the immediate work area/department
16) Expedite receipt of purchased materials equipment or services involving the possibility of financial loss through errors
17) Work with significant deadlines that can result in a disruption to projects, service or products that impact operational cost and/or revenue
18) Accurately add, subtract, multiply, divide and use a metric ruler
19) Calculate and work with percentages
20) Perform other duties as assigned


1) Must have HACCP certification
2) Must have knowledge of GMP and USDA regulations
3) Must have understanding of Food Microbiology and Plant Sanitation
4) Bachelorís Degree (preferred)
5) Must have a food processing background, raw proteins and beef preferred.




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