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His parents thought three-year-old Isaiah Peters had the flu, but he was actually suffering from E-Coli and it resulted in a month-long stay in a Minneapolis Children's Hospital.


They've now been home for almost a week and doctors say they believe he's made a full recovery, but such a long stay at the hospital will bring an expensive bill and today friends and family were offering their help by hosting a benefit for the family.

While those difficult days aren't forgotten, Isaiah's dad, Jon Peters says his family has something to celebrate, a healthy boy and lots of support from friends.

Jon Peters says, "It's totally unexpected, but people want to help and we've just stepped back to let them do that. You swallow your pride a little bit and allow people to help out.

He says the past month has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, but they're glad to see the progress Isaiah's made. Friends say it's their strength through those hard times that's left the biggest impact.

Gina Schumacher who organized the benefit says, "it's amazing to see how they've handled it and just how everyone was praying, praying, praying and our prayers obviously got answered."

The family says they don't know what Isaiah's four-week medical bills will amount to, but they're hoping the money raised at this benefit as well as the items they're selling at a silent auction will help cover those costs.

His parents say Isaiah enjoys the extra attention, but they say that's probably okay for a little boy who's gone through so much. They're just thankful to have Isaiah back home.

Gina Schumacher says, "If there was a word that meant more than thank-you, we would say it over and over and over."

Doctors tell the family Isaiah is getting better every day. His lab results in the past few days have come back with positive results. Now they are all looking forward to two milestones coming in the future Isaiah will start his first day of pre-school this week and will celebrate his 4th birthday in the next couple weeks.



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