More Salmonella Cases!

Reported by: Tammy Mutasa

Wednesday, Sep 24, 2008 @07:34pm CST

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AMARILLO---The number has gone up again, now it's 26 cases of salmonella that the City Health Department is investigating in Amarillo.
20 of those are linked to meals at the IHOP on Western.
The restaurant voluntarily shut down last week.
IHOP will be closed until the Health Department does it's inspection.
The city says the investigation is already underway.
Right now they are testing the restaurant, interviewing IHOP employees and sick people.
The health department is also taking lab samples of the restaurant, but those results won't be back until next week.
"It is a mystery and we're not sure what the cause of it is; we're determined to find out why this is happening again, and the restaurant will stay closed until we're comfortable with that answer, the important thing is that the restaurant is safe to the public," said Vicky Covey from the City of Amarillo.
This is the third time in about three months that this restaurant has closed it's doors because of salmonella.



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