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Sr. Food Technologist with a background in baking, for a large Food Company located in the South West - primary responsibility is to assist in running tests, evaluate prototypes performance and prepare samples for new products developed for retail and food service customers, as well as product improvement in order to gain incremental sales within the company growth path.

Assist during the implementation of test runs for new or improved products on an assigned project.
Assist in gathering information based on test runs to develop preliminary product specifications and to determins the process parameters needed to manufacture a new or improved product on assigned project.
Participate in the evaluation of new products at plant levels, following the company's guidelines and requirements.
Assist in the training of the company's plant personnel during implementation of new or improved products.
Assist during the testing of new ingreidents in coordination with QA, Purchasing and Manufacturing of new products for new or alternative suppliers.
Coordinate the preparation snd shipment of samples to customers.
Keep active communication with the coordinator of the project where he/shr is assisting.

The R & D Food Technologist will require interaction with any or all of the following positions in the company:
> Sales
> Marketing
> Technical Services
> Manufacturing
> Quality Assurance
> Purchasing
> Maintenance
> Warehouse / Distribution
> Shared Services

A bachelor's in Food Science / Technology or related
At least 1 year experience in product development in the food industry, bakery industry preferred
Strong interpersonal skilss and self motivated
Must have the ability in coordinating several projects and interdepartmental relations
Must have the ability to analyze a project, determine possible alternatives, recommend solutions and see project through completion.

Computer proficient in MS Office



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