Decorator invents wall panels that can kill E.coli

By Roxanne Millar


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A Welsh throat cancer sufferer has invented revolutionary wall panels that could stop the spread of fatal superbugs in hospitals and public bathrooms.

Peter Greening, a former decorator, came up with the idea while in hospital himself and is now marketing the MDF wallboards to health providers including the NHS.

The Ag Tech wallboards are powder coated with a silver-based anti-microbial agent that kills germs, such as MRSA and E.coli, on contact.

Studies also show silver technology is also effective in preventing the spread of SARS and Avian Flu.

Greening said: “I couldn’t believe that with so many people contracting MRSA and other deadly bugs, there were no good products on the market to stop them spreading on wall surfaces.


“In my research I discovered that DuPont made an anti-microbial power so I got in contact with them and started to investigate the application of the powder on MDF.

“Being a painter and decorator I saw the benefit of producing the boards in a variety of colours so that they are a finished product when they leave the factory.”



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