Danes die of salmonella

The current salmonella epidemic has cost several lives so far, the youngest a mere 33 years old.


Source of Article:  http://politiken.dk/newsinenglish/article574369.ece



At least six Danes have died in connection with the current, country-wide salmonella outbreak, including a 33-year-old, according to a memorandum from the national serum institute, Statens Serum Institut to the Parliamentary Health Committee.

According to the memo, there have been 822 cases of Salmonella Typharium U292 up to September 15. Deaths recorded have been aged 33, 58, 70, 74 and 85.

Serum Instituttet is currently colleting more information about the deaths and whether the patients suffered from other illnesses.

According to the memo, however, none of the patients were particularly well prior to their salmonella infection, and the salmonella infection may have brought death forward in some of the patients.

The 33-year-old suffered from a serious cancer illness and the 58-year-old had a renal and coronary condition.

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