4 more cases of E. coli at home day care

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ARAPAHOE COUNTY – The Tri-County Health Department reported four more cases of E.coli at an unlicensed in-home day care facility in Aurora.

A 3-year-old boy died on Sept.19. There are now a total of six cases in children.

All of the other children are reported to be doing well and none have been hospitalized.

The Colorado Department of Human Services issued an order for the day care to close because state law requires a license for childcare facilities that care for two or more unrelated children.

“These recent cases confirm that in all likelihood, the illness was transmitted within this day care setting,” stated Richard L. Vogt, MD, Executive Director of Tri-County Health Department. “The person who was running the in-home day care is working closely with us, and we have been in contact with all of the parents of the children who attended this daycare in the past six weeks.”

“We have three specific public health goals,” added Vogt. “To test each child so that they can receive medical attention if necessary; to halt any further spread of this illness among family members; and to prevent any child from entering another child care until they test negative. That way, the illness does not spread beyond this isolated situation.”

Symptoms usually begin two to 10 days after ingesting the bacteria. Symptoms include a sudden onset of diarrhea, which often becomes bloody as the illness progresses; severe stomach pains; and in some instances, fever and vomiting. Some infected people may not have any symptoms, but will still be able to spread the bacteria.

For more information about E. coli, visit the Tri-County Web site at www.tchd.org



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