Teen fights for life after E. coli outbreak


Reported by: Marla Carter

Last Update: 9/29 8:25 pm


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The Oklahoma State Department of Health says more than 300 people have become ill from the outbreak.  Experts are still working to determine the cause and are now analyzing some additional data.

While the department says the outbreak is over, the effects of it are still taking a toll on some. 

13-year-old Lexy Morton was hospitalized due to E. coli for five weeks.

"She went through kidney dialysis.  She had trouble with her pancreas, her kidneys, and her liver.  She's lost a lot of muscle mass and a lot of weight," said Becky Morton, Lexy's mother.

She's been out of the hospital for a week now, but her treatments aren't over yet, "They're still taking bloodwork.  We have to go a couple of times a week to the doctor," said Morton.

Lexy and her family ate at the Country Cottage restaurant in Locust Grove, days later, she was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of E. coli.

A state health officials says all E. coli cases have been associated with the restaurant. 

Still Pediatrician Patrick Daley is optimistic about kids making a full recovery, "With the advent of being able to do dialysis in these kids, most of these kids, well over 95%, do just really well.  They get over this.  There kidneys come back, and they function just fine," said Daley.

While Lexy is making strides, her family could face $800,000 in medical bills.

"We don't have any insurance.  We're just looking at it and knowing God will provide, that's all you can do," said Morton.

Loved ones are holding an event to raise funds for Lexy at Jubilee Ministries in Locust Grove at 6:30 p.m. October 17th.


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