Salmonella Outbreak Solved

Reported by: Rachel Cox

Monday, Oct 6, 2008 @09:25pm CST

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AMARILLO --- Health officials say the hot water bath that pitchers of syrup were kept in to keep them warm was contaminated with the Salmonella bacteria. That contaminated water actually stayed on the outside of the pitchers and was then spread to customers. Twenty-five people contracted Salmonella from the IHOP on Western. IHOP officials say for over thirty years this has been the process used to warm their syrup and they've never had problems until now. The Amarillo Health Department conducted the investigation. They found that once the water was contaminated, the Salmonella was transferred on the outside of the pitchers to both customers and employees. Before they can re-open their doors, IHOP must eliminate that syrup process and sanitize the entire building. The IHOP closed its doors three different times hoping to find out why its employees and customers kept getting sick. IHOP officials tell us now this process has been eliminated in all their locations. Right now the IHOP on Western will remained closed until the entire building is cleaned. The IHOP on Ross will remain open and there have been no reported cases at that restaurant. IHOP officials tell us the location on Western will open as soon as everything has been sterilized and cleaned. After they open the Health Department will continue to test for Salmonella and make sure the new safe food processes are carried out correctly.



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