Research Scientist Supervisor Ii (Food And Drug Sciences)
Sacramento, CA

Salary: $7,572.00 - $9,156.00
Posted: 10/07/10

Job Description:
Under the direction of the Chief, Food Safety Section, the incumbent is responsible for the supervision of Research Scientists I, II, III and IV within the Section. The Research Scientist Supervisor II will provide administrative guidance and leadership in planning, organizing, and directing difficult and complex major original scientific research studies or public health investigations that have broad statewide scientific scope, high sensitivity, and policy impact; make original, independent decisions on complex scientific problems relating to the safety of foods consumed or distributed in California, using scientific theories and principles on association and risk and then develop hypothesis on causes and also test these hypotheses; conceive, plan, and conduct scientific research work of large scope on a statewide or national basis, that has extreme difficulty and complexity in unexplored areas of public health. These scientific research studies have significant sensitivity and public health policy impact. These scientific studies require the development of new, creative scientific techniques for the assurance that foods manufactured and sold in California are safe. The incumbent will direct assigned staff to develop guidelines and procedures for food safety; independently develop hypotheses for addressing any safety concerns on foods and test the hypotheses; serve as an expert scientific subject matter expert for the Department; publish results of scientific studies in peer-reviewed scientific publications; and make recommendations to management on scientific health policy issues associated with the manufacture and distribution of foods in California. The incumbent will represent California in state and national scientific meetings regarding the safety of foods and their ingredients. Provide primary supervision for scientific support for the Sections Research Scientists. Supervise science staff participation in environmental investigation of foodborne outbreaks to identify opportunities for introduction, survival, and growth of foodborne pathogens. Exercise advanced knowledge of foodborne pathogens and food processing systems during these environmental investigations. Exercise knowledge and understanding of pre-harvest and post-harvest food production systems along with knowledge of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems. Manage the preparation and writing comprehensive environmental investigation reports. Participate as a member of the California Food Emergency Response Team to investigate outbreaks. May require medium amount of overnight travel. Manage the development, implementation, and analyze risk assessments of foods, food processing systems, and their ingredients. Supervise research science staff and manage the development, implementation, and analyze complex scientific studies that may require independent development of creative, original hypotheses and testing of these hypotheses through independent scientific, industrial, and other governmental literature search. Evaluate sampling plans and laboratory analyses and techniques. Utilize and organize available laboratory support. Exercise advanced knowledge of food microbiology, food science, food chemistry, food biochemistry, food engineering, food technology and nutrition in complex, scientific studies. Exercise extensive knowledge of risk assessment methods as they are related to the safety of foods. Effectively interpret, translate, and communicate results of scientific studies to CDPH managers and supervisors for consideration in statewide health policy decisions. Supervise assigned staff in the planning, development, implementation, direct, and analyze major, complex scientific studies to identify and determine the scientific critical points in manufacturing of foods. Exercise advanced knowledge of and experience in assessing and analyzing complex nature of food matrices. The scientific concepts and parameters may include product design and stability, manufacturing techniques, adequate quality control, labeling, packaging, and distribution. The incumbent manage staff to seek and analyze all relevant, available scientific, technical, and other information from sources within and outside of CDPH. Effectively translate and communicate study results to CDPH staff and industry. Serve as expert scientific subject matter in foods and their ingredients. Advise CDPH management of potential scientific shortfalls and develop proposed scientific studies necessary to generate needed information on food safety. Represent CDPH in state and national meetings and consult with local health agencies, other state agencies, and federal agencies. Supervise and manage assigned staff in the publishing and present findings from scientific research projects to peer groups and other local, state, and federal public health experts for use in the development of national and state public health policies. Prepare technical scientific comments on proposed and pending national policies, regulations, and standards related to foods. Supervise and manage the research, preparation, and writing grant proposals to secure funding necessary to conduct research studies in areas of food safety. Supervise assigned staff in the research, preparation, and writing of bill analyses on proposed legislation that impact CDPH’s programs and activities. Perform other related work as required. To be filled in accordance with the Gov. Ex Order/Pending Personnel Approval, etc.

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580 - 610 - 5652 -











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Food and Drug Branch
1500 Capitol Ave, MS 7602
Sacramento, CA 95814

Julie Saavedra



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