Food Technology Specialist Fargo, ND


North Dakota State University

Position Description
This position involves conducting routine tests to evaluate grain, milling and processing qualities of durum wheat. This requires daily handling of 10 pounds grain samples and occasional handling of 60 pound bags of grain/semolina/flour. The individual will conduct applied research projects associated with durum wheat quality and pasta/noodle processing and quality; analyze and summarize research data. Additional duties include assisting in the conduction of quality tests associated with the regional durum wheat quality survey and export sub lots; evaluating durum lines for grain, milling and pasta qualities. The individual will be responsible for maintenance of laboratory and processing equipment including various mills, dough extruders and sheeters; provide supervision to graduate and undergraduate student activities in the laboratory; help ensure a safe, clean working environment; and perform and supervise laboratory demonstrations for short courses, international trade teams and visitors.

Minimum Qualifications
* B.S. in food science, plant science or related discipline
* Proficient computer skills
* Excellent organizational skills
* Ability to repetitively handle 10 pound samples daily and 60
pound samples occasionally
* Excellent oral and written communication skills

Preferred Qualifications
* MS in Food Science/Plant Science
* Experience in statistical analyses
* Experience with grain milling and conducting routine tests for
wheat/end-use quality.
* Experience supervising workers

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