Food Industry - Manager of Product Development – Greenville, NC

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Food & Beverage

Job Description:
• Manages Development and Technical Support department and personnel.

• Ph.D. in Food Science, Animal Science, Chemistry, Biology or Nutrition
• Minimum of 5 years experience in the animal agriculture, animal health, pet food industries or food ingredients.
• Project management and personnel management required.
• Demonstrated success in working with the sales team to obtain product sales through effective use of technical services.
• Excellent leadership skills
• Strong people interaction skills to provide exceptional customer service to internal and external customers.
• Strong analytical skills in applied research and commercial testing with experience in field research studies and product development trials.
• Ability to work in cross-functional teams to achieve customer and product objectives.
• Organized and effective planner in utilization of resources while demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness as market needs demand.
• Computer proficiency in MS Office.
• Proficient with understanding financial analysis and return calculations

• Lead U.S. Development and Technical Support Team (DST).
• Manage the development of new and modified products for the North America market.
• Manage the scale-up and industrialization of new products.
• Provide technical support on Commercial, Industrial, Purchasing and Quality teams.
• Manage pilot production facility and outside testing services
• Participate as part of North America Leadership Team.
• Maintain industry presence through presentations, writing technical articles, etc.

• Manage North America DST
1. Define development programs.
2. Identify, organize and track the resources of the U.S. DST department: HR, investments, budget operations, panels, etc.
3. Manage Development department project: participate in the project design, monitoring and validation of outputs and outcomes; define new directions if necessary.
4. Provide an interface with the other U.S. services and with the Global Headquarters and other subsidiaries.
5. Develop and analyze the measurement of performance of the department; lead continuous improvement actions program.
6. Develop members of your organization for improved performance and advancement.

• Manage the development of new and modified products for the North America market
1. Implementation of new products conception ways, within the Department DTS (cost, time, return on investment).
2. Put in place project pipeline review and prioritization system
3. Implement stagegate project management process.
4. Participate in decisions release of new products.
5. Manage the development of projects for specific products (in the context of customer’s collaboration) and nonspecific.
6. Analyze profitability indicators of new products from the development department and propose actions to improve products.
7. Participate in cross functional business reviews tied to new products.

• Manage the scale-up and industrialization of new products
1. Organize the qualification of new industrial products and processes, in accordance with projects and industrial development, while respecting conformity with the specifications and deadlines.
2. Write and animate the corresponding development plans: phases, stages, reviews. Analyze and validate phases of development plans.
3. Conduct pre-launch production of these new products and processes in collaboration with the Production team.
4. Check the conformity of the results vs. specifications and control of the execution deadline.
5. Close projects and communicate successfully: operating mode, associated control plan, training teams, manufacturing cost estimated, cost of development.
6. Update products and processes catalogue and the state of qualification.

• Provide technical support on Commercial, Industrial, Purchasing and Quality teams.
1. Participate in customer meetings for the new products presentation; support commercial and suppliers teams in the context of the integration of new ingredients and new raw materials in meetings.
2. Answer and support customer’s technical information requests.
3. Provide internal technical support: Industrial (investments, etc.), Quality, Purchasing.
4. Ensure oversight and effective operation of the pilot production facility.
5. Implement the evolutions for methodologies (measurement, planning) in the panels, in collaboration with the people in charge of the palatability measurement and planning.

Ph.D. in Food Science, Animal Science or Nutrition

Job Type:

$90,000 to $110,000

South Carolina


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