Philippines: Food poisoning downs 31 in Masbate

By Ephraim Aguilar, Abigail Kwok
Southern Luzon Bureau,
First Posted 12:46:00 10/15/2008

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LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines -- (UPDATE) At least 31 residents of a village in Masbate were rushed to a district hospital there due to food poisoning after eating fish bought from the public market, a police official said Wednesday.

Chief Inspector Salvador Retuermo, Cataingan chief of police, said the victims, who are residents of Barangay (village) Poblacion in Cataingan town, complained of severe stomach ache and vomiting.

Senior Superintendent Reuben Sindac, Masbate provincial police director, told the victims became dizzy and started vomiting around 4 p.m.

The victims ate the fish at noon Tuesday and were rushed to the hospital late afternoon of the same day, Retuermo said.

He quoted the municipal doctor as saying the assorted fish eaten by the victims could possibly have been contaminated with formalin.

Vendors said the fish came from Tagapul-an in Samar.

Samples of the fish dish will be brought to Manila for further examination.

Retuermo said more than 31 people ate fish from the same source but not all showed symptoms of poisoning.

Police have released the names of 30 victims:
Juanito Baylon, 73
Lloyd Añonuevo
Mari Brita Rejuso, 39
Maria Angelico Rejuso, 18
Maria Angela Rejuso, 9
Chito Ibañez
Nilda Rosales
Rolly Rosales
Rodrigo Lim, 84
Marlyn Añonuevo, 51
Elsie Maria, 15
Jenil Sia,
Roilan Capiro, 8
Lourdes Capiro,
Bethlyn Quitar, 13
Romeo Quitar, 41
Alan Capiro, 36
Amelita Quijano,
Mark Jordan Quijano, 6
Arlene Quijano, 21
Linda Añonuevo, 29
Aldin Añonuevo,
Danilo Lim, 48
Eleta Costramus, 58
Carlo Costramus, 12
Marlon Costramus, 10
Paolo Reyes,
Shiela Amaro
Hilaco Español, 63
Misael Mojo, 12

All the victims are now in stable condition with some released after a brief observation, Sindac said.



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