Japan: Police suspect foul play in Chinese green bean poisoning case

(Mainichi Japan) October 17, 2008

Source of Article:  http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/news/20081017p2a00m0na013000c.html

An unusual hole has been discovered in the package of Chinese-made frozen green beans that were found contaminated with pesticide dichlorvos, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said Friday.

The MPD's Criminal Investigation Laboratory analyzed the package of the green beans sold at a supermarket in Hachioji, western Tokyo, and found the hole, measuring about 1 millimeter in diameter, near some air holes.

MPD investigators suspect that someone may have deliberately made the hole and laced the beans with dichlorvos, and are continuing their investigation.

A woman from Hachioji complained of chest discomfort after eating some of the beans. The beans were found contaminated with dichlorvos in a concentration 34,500 times the level permitted under the Food Sanitation Law.



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