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Regional Corporate Food Safety Specialist
EHA Consulting Group, Inc. -
New York, NY


This is a home based employment opportunity, with primary inspection responsibilities in New York City metro area. The ability to work independently and within a vast array of foodservice/processing environments is a must. Job duties will include HACCP based inspections of corporate retail food establishments and commercial food processing plants.

Applicant must have a bachelorís degree in a science related field and a thorough knowledge of food safety and HACCP principles. National/State REHS credential is required. At least 2 years of retail, manufacturing, processing food safety or commercial foodservice inspection experience required in a public health agency or industry.. Excellent computer skills with MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Applicant must be able to communicate effectively in writing and orally. Ability to travel is required. Applicant must be U.S.citizen.

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