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Food Safety Supervisor (Technical) Ė Wisconsin

Job Announcement Code(s): 11-04967


Adams, Columbia, Dane, Green Lake, Marathon, Marquette, Portage, Waupaca, Wood

Classification Title: / JAC:
  Job Working Title:

    Food Safety Supervisor (Technical)

Type of Employment:

Full Time (40 hrs/week)


Pay will be up to $64,728 annually, dependent upon qualifications & experience. Excellent State of Wisconsin benefits and insurance options. This position is in pay schedule/range 81-03. A twelve-month probationary period is required upon appointment.

Special Qualifications:

Upon hire, selected candidate must possess one of the following certifications: Registered Sanitarian (RS Certificate); NEHA REHS/RS or the Certified Food Safety Professional Credential (CFSP). Documentation will be required.


Linda Nowaczyk, Human Resources Specialist Senior, 608-224-4763,

Bargaining Unit:


Area of Competition:


Deadline to Apply:

Materials are due by the deadline date.

Exam Information:

70380 -  003  Food Safety Supervisor Technical 
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This position will be assigned a specific geographic area of the state with the inspection work area to include travel to the surrounding counties.The headquarters city will be established at the time of appointment in one of the above mentioned counties.

Job Duties:   This position provides supervision and leadership to a highly technical food scientist unit in the planning and performance of their daily activities.This includes giving direction, coaching and support to field technical staff so they can competently conduct technical evaluation of building design and materials; equipment design, construction and installation; and development of complex food and dairy processing systems.This position assists as the primary liaison between Division management staff and field staff.The position requires giving guidance to food scientists in how to apply the Divisionís mission statement principles in their daily work activities.These principles include; directing work activities toward establishments and processes that pose the highest risk of causing food-borne illness, providing education and consultation to industry so they understand how the regulatory requirements apply to their operations, and working with industry to not only correct problems, but help them find ways to prevent recurrence of problems.
This position also acts as the Department representative in communicating with industry, the general public, and other stakeholders of the program.

Special Notes:   Work involves occasional travel throughout Wisconsin is required.  A valid driver's license or the ability to provide ones own transportation for work assignments is required.  A one-year probation may be required upon appointment.

**Possession of, and maintenance of one of the following credentials is a condition of employment:  Registered Sanitarian Certificate; NEHA REHS/RS or the Certified Food Safety Professional Credential (CFSP).  Credential may be asked for at the time of application.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:   

      Considerable knowledge of the regulations and standards governing equipment used in the food and dairy industries; i.e., the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and the 3-A Sanitary Standards and Accepted Practices.
Extensive knowledge of Wisconsinís food laws, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan evaluation, regulations and related standards in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO), and USDA Dairy Division Standards.     Considerable knowledge of accepted practices of CIP (Clean in Place) systems and the chemicals used to accomplish cleaning and sanitizing.   Considerable knowledge of the design, materials and construction methods used in milking and milk handling systems on dairy farms.     Working knowledge of building construction, design, and materials and knowledge of the regulations and standards governing facilities in the food and dairy industries.     Knowledge of the principles of food production, storage, handling and distribution.      Considerable knowledge of dairy and food process automation including computerized controls.
Knowledge of broad range of microorganisms concerning their tolerance to various temperatures and chemicals.     Knowledge of food products, storage temperatures, and the effects of temperature on product quality and possible food adulteration that may occur through deterioration.     Basic knowledge and understanding of training principles and presentation techniques.     Knowledge of food emergency procedures including containment, product recall and problem resolution.

How To Apply:   

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5.  Attach your resume by uploading and exitsting resume or follow the prompts to create a resume and click "Continue."  NOTE: Resumes should be limited to 2 pages, pages in excess will not be reviewed.
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Please send a copy of your applicable credential to  or fax to 608 224-4757 or mail to DATCP-HR; Attn: Linda Nowaczyk; P.O. Box 8911; Madison, WI 53708-8911 by the deadline date.

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