Microbiology Manager – Boise, ID


COMPANY:  Confidential

POSITION:  Microbiology Manager

REPORTS TO:  Quality Assurance Manager




GENERAL SCOPE: Lead and operate the in-house Micro Lab of an innovative, culinary driven food manufacturer.  The Microbiology Manager will enjoy a high degree of autonomy in an environment where ideas are valued and decisions are implemented with minimal bureaucracy in collaboration with other plant management and departments (Production, Sanitation, Maintenance, and Quality Assurance).  Ensure all microbiological standards are being met while providing leadership/direction to the team when needed.  This is a hands-on position requiring outstanding leadership, communication and organizational skills.



·         Proactively manage team to meet microbiology goals while also meeting/exceeding customer expectations.

·         Promote open, frequent communication within the team and champion an environment of professional development, teamwork and quality.

·         Update, maintain and strengthen all aspects of training for microbiology technicians and designated quality personnel.  Ensure all technicians keep current on data entry and generate consistent, accurate daily/monthly reports.

·         Facilitate an environment that is focused on manufacturing high quality and technically innovative products.

·         Ensure quality team maintains compliance and adheres to commitment to safety in the workplace.

·         Effectively address customer requests and concerns to maintain/improve customer satisfaction.

·         Assist in management of approximately $200,000 yearly departmental budget.

·         Responsible for effective hiring, training, and development of team members. Champion attendance policy and ensure performance evaluations keep people informed, maintain open communication and provide timely, honest performance feedback with direction.

·         Manage microbiology lab and guarantee that all products meet specifications.

·         Conduct and all in-house lab testing and ensure compliance with BA/AOAC or associated validated method.

·         Update and maintain all records and procedures.

·         Set and maintain the microbiology technicians’ schedules and responsibilities.

·         Coordinate testing and sampling with outside labs, as necessary.

·         Trend results for supplier and customer testing on a weekly basis and notifications for out of spec results.

·         Begin preparing for lab to be approved for E coli 0157: H7 testing for specific customers.

·         Conduct preoperational swabbing of areas and equipment as needed (minimum of once per week).

·         Participate in customer audits and presentations, including keeping updated records for these audits.

·         Prepare records and keep them up to date for weekly USDA submissions.

·         Monitor and review testing methods/sampling and update as needed.

·         Operate BAX and Vidas machines.




·         3-5 years of small team supervisory experience in a small to medium size food processing plant.

·         Proven skill and success at developing a microbiology team to stimulate progress and meet growth objectives.




·         Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology or related field.

·         Complete understanding of lab techniques and protocols.

·         Good computer skills and ability to manager spreadsheets and graphs.

·         General knowledge of production processes and good food manufacturing policies.




·         Strong work ethic and desire to enhance performance levels

·         Sets vision, focus, manages culture of high performance—leads with passion

·         Self-reliant and confident

·         Dedicated/loyal to company

·         Up-beat/can-do attitude

·         Team player—cares about those around him/her

·         Ability to mentor, train and support team members

·         Unquestionable integrity

·         Hands-on leader

·         Disciplined problem solver; effective at leading team solutions.

·         Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

·         Good listener

·         Actively works to ensure messages are understood by all team members.

·         Resolves conflict through open communication

·         Excellent interpersonal skills

·         Ability to build effective working relationships

·         Skilled at motivating others

·         Relates well without regard to level.

·         Flexible/Open minded

·         Inquisitive and passionate about the product being manufactured

·         Patient, willing to provide guidance and support to help others work through and understand new concepts and procedures.


**Please submit resume to Jorgen Bang at jbang@scope-services.com or call 509-922-8554 with questions**



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