Quality Assurance Manager - Winston-Salem, NC


Golding Farms Foods, a SQF 2000 certified North Carolina manufacturer of Sauces, dressings and liquid condiments is currently seeking a Quality Assurance Manager to take a Key role within its facility located at Winston-Salem, North Carolina Triad area.

Qualified candidate must have experience in food manufacturing industry, preferably sauces, dressings, liquid condiments, liquid seasonings and similar products.  Minimum qualification requirements are:


·         A hand  on experience of Food Quality testing procedures and record keeping

·         Strong problem solving skills

·         Knowledge of local, state and federal GMP requirements

·         Knowledge of Food Label regulations and requirements

·         Certification of HACCP from a US based certification organization

·         Must have familiarity of GFSI standards and in depth understanding of SQF 2000 requirements

·          Supervisory experience as a laboratory manager to handle scheduling and supervision of quality control technicians

·         Knowledge of customer complaint investigation and resolution skills

·         Ability to handle basic computer tasks such as spreadsheets, word processing and LIMMS a plus

·         Strong problem solving skills and experience in working with various manufacturing  departmental supervisors in a shift system

·         Sound knowledge of food plant sanitation and testing


The position will report to the VP of Technical services and it is a 40 hour salary position. The employer company’s benefits include annual vacation, sick leave, medical insurance, profit sharing and 401K plan.


We expect that candidates interested in this position must have a B.S.  Degree in Food Science or a related discipline. A minimum of three years’ experience in food manufacturing industry is required. Please . Will consider ONLY those applicants who meet the minimum  qualifications and experience.


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