UAE: Labourers rushed to hospital after eating rotten food

By Nasouh Nazzal, Staff Reporter
Published: November 04, 2008, 00:24

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Ras Al Khaimah: Fourteen employees at a cement factory here have been hospitalised after consuming rotten food they prepared at a kitchen in the factory.

The labourers including a Sudanese, a Pakistani, five Indians and seven Bangladeshis were taken in ambulances to nearby Shaam Hospital.

Sources said the place the labourers used to prepare their food was extremely dirty and the food they prepared was rotten and not fit for human consumption.

The sources added that at the beginning, the factory management and the other concerned authorities assumed that the employees were poisoned by the water they had drunk at the factory, but later it was ascertained that only the food they consumed was the cause of the poisoning.

The employees collapsed one after another and their shocked colleagues reported the situation to the factory management which in turn reported it to the concerned authorities and contacted the hospital to provide ambulances to carry the employees to the hospital.

Chaos spread throughout the factory where the resident physician provided the collapsed employees with first aid until the ambulances arrived, rushing the employees to the hospital.

The sources said that the water in the factory and the food the employees consumed were tested by the authorities and the food the employees prepared was initially blamed for the incident.

Internal affair

The authorities toured the premises of the factory and found that the kitchen in which the employees prepared their food was in an extremely unhygienic condition.

The authorities did not take any action against the factory and considered the poisoning cases an internal affair that should be handled by the factory management, but they strongly recommended serious amendments to enhance the hygienic standards in the factory.

The labourers were discharged on Monday.


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