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Matrix: Simultaneous Same Day Dual Test For E.coli & Salmonella 

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Matrix MicroScience of Newmarket UK & Golden CO, announced the launch of its first ever new simultaneous same day (8 hr) dual test for E.coli O157 and Salmonella in raw ground beef and produce.


The Pathatrix® same day “dual” test is unique in that it can simultaneously detect the presence of low levels 1-10 cfu / sample in eight hours.   The high volume of sample that the Pathatrix® can analyse is the key to this approach coupled to the use of highly specific antibody coated beads. Pathatrix® is the only commercially available system that can analyse 100% of the sample.


The benefits of the same day dual test for E.coli O157 & Salmonella are as follows:


Uses a single non-proprietary enrichment broth leading to significant savings in labour and media


-Can be completed within 8 hours when coupled to real time PCR

-Can be done individually or in a “5 Pooled” format

-Sensitivity of 1-10 cfu per sample of both organisms in raw ground beef and raw produce. 


For the first time the Pathatrix® dual test can make positive release a realistic option for food processors in the produce and beef industries, by giving a true < 8 hour turnaround in results.


Dr Adrian Parton, C.E.O. of Matrix MicroScience said, “The release of the Dual Salmonella & E.coli O157 test targeted at the raw ground beef and produce industries represents a revolution in microbial diagnostics”. It is further evidence of the commitment to our customers and to the industry to provide them with better diagnostic products.”


For further info, visit www.matrixmsci.com



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