The Cause of Illness that Left 200 Sick has Been Determined

State Study Finds Salmonella In Chicken

Poultry Should Be Thoroughly Cooked To Avoid Sickness

Reported By Dennis Ferrier


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November 5, 2008

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The state health department has been randomly buying uncooked packages of chicken in grocery stores across middle Tennessee and then testing them for salmonella.

It's an experiment to see how much harmful bacteria the poultry is carrying.

Salmonella and campylobacter, the two bacteria that live on uncooked chicken, can kill older residents, the very young or those with other health problems.

Generally healthy people get over the illness in just a few days but not always.

The interest in these unpredictable germs has led the Food Safety Task Force to conduct an experiment. Inspectors go to Tennessee stores and randomly buy 10 packages of chicken a month and test it for salmonella and campylobacter.

The results have shown that sometimes half the chicken is tainted and sometimes none of it. However, on average, 10 percent of the chicken was contaminated.

Those who prepare chicken are encouraged to wash their hands and the cutting board, in addition to cooking the chicken thoroughly.

The bacteria are easily killed if the chickens are cooked well. It is legal to sell the raw chickens with the bacteria.




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