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Norway: Avoid sausages from Finsbråten

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The meat producer, Finsbråten urges anyone who has bought barbeque sausages (grillpølser) from Finsbråten or Vita hjertego’ to throw them out due to discovery of the Listeria bacteria.



 “All of Finsbråtens’ barbeque sausages, in other words Finsbråten Grillpølser 500g, Ostegrill m/jalapeño 600g, Gourmetgrill 600g, Grillpølser MerSmak 500g as well as Vita hjertego’s grillpølser 420g are withdrawn from the market,” Finsbråten informs in a press release Friday morning.

The withdrawal is due to the discovery of the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria in some of Finsbråten and Vita hjertego’s barbeque sausages.

“We’re throwing out all barbeque sausages from Finsbråten and Vita hjertego’. We greatly regret the incident,” the press release states.

The Listeria bacteria is normally prevented by exposing food to high temperatures; in this case, the sausages are kept in water at 80 °C for eight minutes or fried.

The Listeria bacteria may cause infections, and groups such as pregnant women, elderly people and anyone with a weakened immune system are at risk. An infection could be particularly serious for pregnant women.

A Listeria infection may give flu-like symptoms such as stomach pains and fever and also intense headache. Any suspicion of infection should be reported to a doctor immediately.

Listeria is a bacteria that occurs most frequently in meat, dairy products and raw vegetables.



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