Food Safety Manager - Ogden, UT

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  • Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products
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Job Description

The Food Safety Manager position will have direct responsibility for compliance with all local, state, and federal Food Safety regulations and policies governing the Quality Assurance, and rabbinical supervision of the Ogden bakery. This position will operate as a liaison between the Quality and Product Safety group, Operations, R&D and Procurement. The Food Safety Manager's role is to ensure that effective product safety and sanitation systems are designed, implemented, and working effectively, and to assist in the Risk Assessment and HACCP planning for various ingredients, processes, and products.


          • Coordinate between Quality, Product Safety, Operations, R&D and Procurement to ensure effective Product Safety and Sanitation policies and procedures are designed, implemented, and maintained.
          • Support new and improved product and process risk assessments. Ensure that all products are evaluated for Food Safety risks including allergens, contamination, etc.
          • Support the manufacturing plants, co-packers and/or suppliers by providing technical support, troubleshooting, allergen plan assessments, HACCP plan reviews and environmental testing reviews.
          • Manage the Pest Control Program by ensuring that the program is run effectively and documented correctly.
          • Manage the Sanitation department and ensure the master sanitation schedule is followed and documentation is maintained.
          • Train employees in Food Safety and related programs. Assess knowledge acquisition and application.
          • Develop and coordinate actions plans to reduce or eliminate the Food Safety failures during manufacturing by employing the latest techniques and equipment available.
          • Audit manufacturing plants to ensure compliance to the RFBP policies and procedures.
          • Develop and monitor key performance measures as it relates to product safety. Ensure that policies are maintained by implementing plant procedures and systems to ensure that products produced meet all expectations.
          • Work with the Customer Service Team to analyze consumer feedback as it relates to product safety.
          • Ensure action plans are developed and implemented for specific problem areas.
          • Investigate, develop and recommend changes in procedures and work processes leading to improved product safety.
          • Assist in the design safety analysis of new promotional items when needed.
          • Facilitate the sharing of best practices.
          • Manage the SQF and HACCP Programs.
          • Develop Food Safety and Sanitation Programs minimizing the risk from all regulatory agencies.
          • Establish a program to inspect all incoming raw materials.
          • Analyze all raw materials specifications and recommend changes to ensure the production of a consistent, unadulterated product.
          • Establish a Kosher Certification system to insure all ingredients comply with specific rabbinical requirements.
          • Establish operating and capital budgets for Sanitation.
          • Ensure proper allergen clean ups.
          • Responsible for Food Quality, Food Defense and Food Safety.
          • SQF Practitioner responsible for training and implementation of Food Safety Programs.
          • Other duties as assigned.


          • Must possess strong communication and math skills.
          • Must be computer literate in Microsoft operations (excel, word, power point).
          • Requires Certification in AIB, Siliker or SQF, HACCP, Pest Control.

Job Qualifications


            • B.S. in Food Science or related field.


            • 8 years experience in the food industry.


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Ralcorp is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of Ralcorp to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, physical or mental disability, or status as a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era.




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