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Registered Sanitarian - ICU - A Total Safety Company

The Food Sanitation Program Manager will perform monthly inspections and reporting for

approximately 60 food service locations.  Expected to be the subject matter expert to identify

 issues but to also educate vendors and work with other contractors to foster

interdepartmental relationships to raise awareness of issues and make recommendations

for the goal of improving food sanitation.  Individual will also be expected to support other

staff for general safety, industrial hygiene and environmental sampling periodically.  Most

 work located in Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia.


All inspections based on guidance on the reduction and/or elimination of non-compliance

with the following : US Army Technical Bulletin (TB) MED 530, 30 Oct 2002, Occupational

and Environmental Health Food Sanitation (copy available on internet); US Public Health

Service FDA Food Code, 2009; DoD Instruction 4150.7, DoD Pest Management Program

 (copy available).


The reporting aspects are critical for this program therefore requiring computer competence

 in Microsoft Word and Excel (including links and graphing), and comfort with the use of

hand-held devices (i.e: tablet device) for data input in the field.


Monthly inspections include all food preparation, serving, vending and storage operations.

 Inspections will also include compliance with regulations governing food preparation/

serving equipment maintenance, operation, cleaning, sanitizing and storage.  The monthly

 inspections shall be primarily conducted during normal food service operating hours. A

separate monthly inspection shall be conducted after normal operating hours to record

shut down and cleanup procedures.


The Registered Sanitarian must be prepared to respond to emergency situations which

may occur at any time of the day.  Inspection of a food service site upon completion of

repairs, clean-up, etc., after an emergency situation (i.e.: fire, plumbing failure, etc.), will

require immediate response from the Sanitarian.


The Registered Sanitarian will be responsible for tracking and reporting any food product

recalls, safety alerts, etc., which may impact food service operations at any of the 60 food

service locations including in the program. 


The Registered Sanitarian shall be prepared to investigate any reports of food borne

illnesses, deficient food service work practices, facility conditions, pest control

deficiencies, and other factors which may impact food safety.


The Registered Sanitarian shall also be responsible for inspecting food preparation,

serving, storage, and cleanup operations for any special events. These events may take

place on weekends and/or holidays and may require the Registered Sanitarian to hire two

to four other Registered Sanitarians for an event through their own resources.  All

inspection must include recording and submitting findings, observations, comments, etc.,

on the required Food Service Facility Inspection Report, and Vending Machine Inspection

 Report.  All inspection reports must be submitted to the Project Manager or their designee

via government-approved electronic format ready for distribution to the customer.


All inspections must include the following elements:


Food Safety Survey: Conduct food safety inspections of all food preparation, serving,

vending, and storage operations.  Food safety inspections shall specifically review and

 document, but not be limited to, the following:


                raw and cooked food preparation practices

                hot and cold food storage practices

                raw and cooked food storage practices

                food serving and transportation techniques

                sanitary conditions of food and beverage preparation area

                sanitary conditions of food and beverage serving and vending areas

                sanitary conditions of food and beverage storage areas

                washing and sanitizing procedures for food and beverage preparation, serving and

                storage equipment

                food service employee personal hygiene practices


The Registered Sanitarian may also be required to review specifications, plans, blue prints,

 scopes of work, etc., for upgrades, renovations and construction of new and/or existing

food service facilities. Reviews must report relevant variance from applicable standards

nd codes observed during phased construction walkthroughs scheduled by the client.


All reports, reviews and inspection information shall be in a format approved by the

Government and shall be legible, accurate, complete, and ready for distribution to the

customer whether that be each food service establishment manager, the concessions

manager, and cognizant vendor COR/POC.


•Registered Sanitarian

•Natural born citizen and able to qualify for required security clearances

•B.S. degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in science or topic related

to food safety
•5-10 years of food experience in a responsible position related to food auditing &

•Ability to work independently.
•Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).
•Excellent written and verbal English language skills.
•Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.
•Maintain applicable professional development required for audit proficiency.
•Valid driver’s license

Physical Requirements

Light to Medium work: Exerting up to 50 pounds of lifting force occasionally and/or a

negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.  Subject to wet floors, temperature

extremes, and excessive noise.  Must be able to bend, stoop, and perform extensive

walking.  Must be able to exert well paced mobility to move quickly to the different areas. 

Position requires ability to communicate well with staff, and ability to taste and smell.

Bending (above/below waist)
Reaching (above/below shoulder)
Stairs (ascend/descend)

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