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Company: M.K. and Associates
Contact Name: M K and Associates

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2.       Phone: 724-285-7474

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                                 Job ID:117 37


                                 Location:Call Office

                                 State:Not Listed


                                 Major:Food Science or related

                                 Salary:Not Specified   Why?

Job Types:

Research & Development

Job Description

Identify project opportunities and plans, formulate and conduct research to develop new products and processes. Modify existing products and processes working to move new or improve processes from R&D into the manufacturing facility. Investigate, approve, implement and evaluate changes during the development of new product formulations and processes to help customers attain their targeted objectives. Work independently applying principles of food processing, science and culinary skills in order to initiate, design, conduct and document experiments; analyze and evaluate data; report results that will lead to improved and new innovative products.

You are interested? The qualifications we are looking for are:

BS or MS in Food Science, Animal Science or Meat Science Degree. Culinary degree or experience would be a plus! 3+ years experience in food product development product examples: entrees, soups, sauces, meats or canned products. Must be US Citizen, permanent resident or have a valid work visa. Very strong communication skills - - verbally and in writing.



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