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Food Safety Manager - Indiana

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The Compliance Manager will be the primary plant lead for key regulatory and quality programs, such as HACCP, Weight Control, and GMP¿s. They will ensure that we maintain the daily requirements; improve existing programs or develop new ones that will keep us ¿audit-ready¿ at all times.Competencies:I need someone that can create win-win solutions for the gaps identified in our programs. This person is one that can work well across functions and across all levels (hourly /salaried / staff) to figure out what is needed in the plant to make us audit ready at all times. Once programs are built, this person will monitor trends to drive continual improvement in the programs. Functional / Technical Skills: Has a good understanding of the corporate requirements and what is needed in a plant to comply.HACCP/GMP/ISO ¿ Audits CA/PA; Audits; Calibration
Quality Procedures (QP)/Weight Control/Hold & Release. Problem Solving: Can identify the gaps in our existing systems and develop manageable programs. Adaptability: Is not stuck on what is in black & white in the QP but can understand what the intent of the requirements is and can create a win-win solution for the plant. Managing & Measuring Work: Can use the results of the existing and newly developed programs to drive improvement. Teamwork: Willingly works with all departments on the day-to-day expectations but also on building programs that will work for the plant.


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