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Chemical Food Safety & Toxicology Intern Omaha, NE

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Full Time

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Food safety involves appropriate management of microbial organisms as well as chemical agents. Chemical agents include naturally occurring compounds such as allergens and mycotoxins or may artificially enter the food supply through a variety of mechanism including leaching from food contact materials, as pesticides or drugs used during growth of the food or as contaminants. The science of Chemical Food Safety is evolving as analytical techniques allow the detection of chemicals at ever lower concentrations. Furthermore, the increasingly global supply of food ingredients and range of international food standards and regulations contribute to the variety of findings.

Position Responsibilities

The Chemical Food Safety Intern will have the opportunity to contribute to the research, regulatory and quality groups as an integral member of the team that proactively addresses any food chemical issue that may arise. The Chemical Food Safety Intern will work with the ConAgra Director of Toxicology as well as members of the Regulatory, Nutrition and Scientific Affairs teams. He or she will be mentored and receive training while gaining insight into industry.

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