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In 1931, two brothers, Francis and Bernard Clougherty, began what has become a California tradition – the FARMER JOHN brand of meats. The brand has come a long way since the Clougherty brothers worked side-by-side with only a few employees. Today, over 1,500 people work for Clougherty Packing, LLC. Indeed, this California tradition in high quality pork products has grown to become a global brand with sales in several countries.

Wholesome Goodness for More Than Half a Century.


What began as a turn-of-the-century inspiration became a reality in 1931. Central Los Angeles was alive with growing industry in those days. There was easy access to roads and railways, and plenty of opportunity for growth. The time was ideal for the Clougherty brothers to found their company.

With the skills and knowledge learned decades earlier through their small home meat business, the two embarked upon a full-scale meat packing enterprise. All details of the business were carefully outlined and given full attention. All effort was given to be certain that FARMER JOHN® Meat Products were above standard, unsurpassed in quality and freshness and consistently delicious.

Compelled to produce superior products, the brothers were guided by a central theme instilled by their father – respect. Respect for each other, their employees, their customers, the environment and most of all, product quality. Hard work in these areas was their blueprint for success.

Though today many parts of the manufacturing process have been updated and modernized, the same vision of respect and quality continues. Consumers are always assured fresh, high quality and flavorful products. The company continually addresses changing consumer demand with a growing selection of wholesome meat products while maintaining the strictest standards on the flagship product lines.

Hot or cold, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, FARMER JOHN® Meat Products always reflect the highest quality and flavor at a great value.





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Farmer John


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Base Pay:

$45,000 - $60,000 /Year

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Consumer Products

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Req'd Education:

4 Year Degree

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At least 3 year(s)

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Not Specified


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Food Technologist

Job Description


With moderate level of independence, the incumbent applies the principles of food processing, science and

culinary skills to; initiate, design, conduct and document experiments; collect, analyze and evaluate data; and communicate results that will lead to improved and new innovative and creative applications in support of the

company goals and objectives.

Working Environment:

This job requires time inside the facility with exposure to both temperature extremes (cold below 50F and heat above 90F). Some lifting up to 50 lbs and frequent use of stairs and catwalks can be expected.


The incumbent reports directly to the Research and Development Manager and requires a solid foundation of knowledge in food science, technology, and culinary skills to develop food products and modify existing food processing technologies. The incumbent will manage a substantial number of projects with various degrees of difficulty, contribute to portions of more complex or technical projects as part of a larger team and will lead complex projects requiring cooperative involvement from suppliers and various plant and corporate resources. Project assignments, activities and reports are overseen by supervision, but the incumbent will plan, conduct and analyze tests unsupervised. The incumbent is responsible for data analysis, evaluation and conclusions and is competent in presenting recommendations in written and oral formats. The incumbent serves as a scientific advisor for the Company and has expertise in several specific areas of the science.


1.       With moderate level of independence, the incumbent identifies project opportunities and plans, formulates and       conducts research to develop new products and processes or modifies existing products and processes in support of the company’ goals and objectives.  For example, an additive exists that may function as well as a lactate-based item for the control of bacterial growth and maximization of shelf life on fresh products.  The incumbent organizes, conducts and evaluates research to investigate several hypotheses that may present opportunities to maintain or enhance current flavor profiles and shelf life at a lower operational costs.


2.       Investigates, approves, implements and evaluates changes during the development of new product

formulations and processes to help the internal customers attain their targeted objectives.  For example, marketing challenges the incumbent to modify the formula of a high-fat product by incorporating

3% water without affecting the operational and physical and physical of the product or the flavor of performance

attributes for the end consumer. The incumbent uses microencapsulated salts to minimize the effect of the

salt-soluble meat protein creating a sticky mass at different stages of the plant operation process. Some of the

dry spices are converted to oleoresins to take advantage of their antioxidant activity thereby promoting a

longer shelf life, and stabilize color during frozen storage. Least- cost formulation alternatives are tested and validated to conform to the production objectives for utilizing different raw material ingredients.


3.       Identifies, investigates, evaluates, verifies and appraises new technologies and services contributing to improved operational efficiencies, yields, creates or modifies products or processes, or has application from a non–meat technology.  For example, the incumbent coordinates several formulation and processing tests to improve product performance and operational efficiencies for GT hams. After appraising results from a series of tests the incumbent identifies an ingredient that can decrease purge in the finished product while also providing improved yields and decreased tumble times. After improvements are verified in the plant, the incumbent leads a team including operations, purchasing, and accounting to coordinate purchasing and implementing the ingredient. The incumbent then follows through after implementation to train plant employees in the correct reformulation, verify bill of materials, etc. to achieve desired results.


4.       Investigates, advises and direct research to solve complex problems that requires interaction with other

divisions within the Company such as engineering, operations, industrial engineering, marketing and

purchasing. Provides scientific information and advice to counsel marketing and operations management

towards resolving a variety of issues on an as-needed basis.  For example, the incumbent identifies improvements to cooking methods for processing barbeque rib items.  The incumbent appraises and executes a test protocol to improve the overall process and provide a more consistent product. The incumbent then coordinates another series of tests to optimize the formulation of the rib items in order to provide a customer perceived superior finish product. He or she then sells this process and formulation to marketing and leads a cross functional team to implement the changes into production providing both cost savings and product performance benefits. The incumbent coaches Marketing and Sales on product benefits during cuttings so they can showcase the product to numerous customers.


5.   Identifies, compares, tests, and evaluates new technologies that have potential for improving product

performance attributes or improve operational productivity, yields, reduce variations or improve quality

attributes.  For instance, developing and maintaining a desired color for a smoked and cured product cannot be achieves

using traditional smokehouse methods. Infrared heating, radio wave heating and oil browning technologies.

Are indentified as potential solutions and tests are initiated and conducted that include changes to the product

formulation, surface browning agents, and to the  manufacturing process to achieve the targeted outcome.

Results and recommendations are communicated across several divisions to specify and purchase new

equipment and implement process changes and product reformulation.


6.   On an as needed basis, the incumbent provides technical and scientific support and training for plant

operations.  For example, during one of the incumbent’s scheduled plant smokehouse tests, it is noticed that the

temperature distribution is no uniform during the process. The incumbent coordinates the necessary plant

operations and engineering personnel to assist in a series of impromptu tests to future evaluate the problem.

The incumbent provides the objective data to lead the team towards a solution that reestablishes thermal

uniformity, reduces variation in yield and color, and reduces the risk of process deviations that could lead to

costly reprocessing or rework of product.


7.   Manages multiple projects of various degrees of difficulty initiated by internal customers and initiates

projects that improve current processes or technologies or evaluates new technologies.  For instance, the incumbent manages a diversified project load initiated by several marketing or operations managers. In conjunction with these projects, the incumbent is required to learn and acquire new technical  scientific skills, be self-direct in projects that support her or his areas of expertise, and generate projects that lead to the development of new or modified products, processes, or technologies to help the Company maintain a competitive advantage.


8.       Effectively communicates on a technical and scientific level with internal and external supplier using

verbal and non-verbal skills to effectively and accurately identify and define projects and evaluate project

goals into actionable tasks. The incumbent, presents and defends recommendations in written

and presentation formats.  For example, the Food Scientist must document their research into clear and concise documents including expected results, actual results, next steps, and recommended actions.





Job Requirements


1.       Education and /or Experience: This position is generally filled with a MS degree with 4 or more years experience or a BS with more than 6 years of experience working with meat products.


2.       Language Skills: Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.


3.       Computer Skills: Microsoft operation system, Work, Excel, AS400, Lotus Notes.


4.       Reasoning Ability: Must be detailed oriented, able to adapt to changing situations, be able to prioritize multiple projects at one time and make firm decisions.




At Farmer John, we are committed to achieving equal opportunity for all of our associates and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other protected group status under federal, state or local law. We respect, value, and welcome diversity in our work force, as well as in our customers and our suppliers.

You must be legally entitled to work in the United States and immediately available to begin work in the location specified.

Thank you in advance for sending your resume to Farmer John. We will review your resume and contact you if we feel you are a good fit for this position.


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