Metal detection tool minimises food loss, says US developer

By Jane Byrne , 25-Nov-2008

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A new metal detector targeted at the food processing sector offers minimal loss of good material due to a fast reacting, powerful pneumatic drive for the reject gate, says the manufacturer.

Charles Whitt, marketing manager at Bunting Magnetics Company, said that the new Quicktron 05 RH detector provides reliable detection of metals such as ferrous, bronze alloys and stainless steel in any type of food in the raw form without process interruption.

Metal detection in food is required due to the fact that different processing equipment throughout a facility gives off tiny stainless steel filings that must be removed prior to further processing or packaging. Locating their presence can prove to be difficult task for manufacturers, so detectors can help ensure product safety and quality.

Removable flap

Whitt told that this Quicktron model differs from conventional detectors in that it has a removable flap and diverter that can be quickly disconnected without tools; in addition, he said, it has a built-in sensing tube to block out outside interference.

He explained that the detection process involves two sender coils and one transmitter coil working in tandem so that as metal passes through the system the electromagnetic field is disrupted, enabling a signal to be sent to the controls for automatic separation of the metal from the product.

Dust buster

According to Whitt, the detectorís open framework and its round reject mechanism without critical edges prevents dust and dirt settlement, while the product contacting parts are made from food grade materials such as stainless steel, polypropylene, silicone, and Teflon.

The Quicktron 05 RH is suitable for all applications and throughputs, with round apertures available from 50 to 300mm diameter (2 to 12 inches), he continued.

Easy integration

Whitt said that the metal detector features a touch pad control panel that has easy to follow menus, and it is also easy to integrate into an existing plant as it has low headroom and compact dimensions.

He added that the detector should be placed within the processing line where raw food product is being gravity fed into the production process.

The Kansas based company said the Quicktron 05 RH is available to European food manufacturers as well as its US client base.



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