Volume 14, Number 12–December 2008


Outbreak of Trichinellosis Caused by Trichinella papuae, Thailand, 2006

Source of Article:  http://www.cdc.gov/eid/content/14/12/1913.htm

Chowalit Khumjui, Pravit Choomkasien, Paron Dekumyoy, Teera Kusolsuk, Wandee Kongkaew, Mutita Chalamaat, and Jeffrey L. Jones Comments to Author
Author affiliations: Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok, Thailand (C. Khumjui, P. Choomkasien, W. Kongkaew, M. Chalamaat); Mahidol University, Bangkok (P. Dekumyoy, T. Kusoluk); and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (J.L. Jones)

In 2006, the Thailand Ministry of Public Health studied 28 patients from a village in northern Thailand. All had myalgia, edema, fever, and gastrointestinal symptoms; most had eaten wild boar. A muscle biopsy specimen from a patient showed nonencapsulated larvae with a cytochrome oxidase I gene sequence of Trichinella papuae.



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