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Manager Quality Assurance – Newburgh/Chester, NY                                              

Posting Job Date:

OPEN DATE: now   CLOSE DATE: Dec 27, ,2012


Quality Assurance                                                  


NY Metro Division (Newburgh & Chester Warehouse)

Reports to:

Director Quality Assurance                                                           




Sandy Espinoza

To Apply:

Position Description:

Manage the Quality Control Warehouse Inspectional Team.  Develop and implement processes to ensure the wholesomeness and integrity of products delivered to DCs.  Manage processes for monitoring overall food safety/quality and sanitation within our distribution facilities. Consult with distribution facility management/personnel, ensuring facility sanitation, product quality and compliance with all applicable federal, state and local health authorities. The responsibilities listed ensure that our customers are receiving the safest, high quality products, thereby protecting the integrity of our Company, and producing continued repeat sales. Must be available to work in Chester & Newburgh, NY warehouses.  And must be available 24/7 for any emergencies.  Starting salary is $76K.

Primary Responsibilities

·   Manage, lead and provide direction for a Quality Control Warehouse Inspectional Team ensuring that the dock inspection program maintains its high standards of excellence by only allowing the safest, high quality food products to be received into our distribution facilities. Provide ongoing development and education of Warehouse Inspectors including inspection techniques, product specifications awareness, maintain an up to date knowledge of all food safety and sanitation procedures. Maintain facility HAACP plan, ensuring compliance, keeping all records current.

·   Maintain open lines of communication between the various procurement, distribution, logistics, store operations and quality assurance departments and direct/advise corrective actions upon discovery of adverse findings by company, vendor or regulatory agency. Ensure that all efforts are made regarding food safety and sanitation to reduce the risk of food borne illness that could adversely affect our customers and the companies’ image. Engage all federal, state and local agencies ensuring our facilities remain in compliance with all mandated food safety guidelines, codes and policies.

·   Execute unannounced Sanitation Audits within distribution facilities and business partners to ensure conditions are in accordance with federal, state and local regulations; such as FDA, USDA grades, along with corporate procedures and policies. Take lead in the efforts to ensure the cooperation between Quality Assurance and facility management, taking a pro active approach to any issues, anticipating potential concerns, directing the efforts thus avoiding any potential regulatory impact.

·   Respond and provide leadership to all emergencies that may threaten the safety of our customers or the public’s perception of our company. Ensure all efforts have been made regarding food safety and sanitation to further reduce the risk associated with food borne illness; ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements and assist distribution facility /store/district management for all food safety issues and respond immediately to emergencies such as power outages, fires, and natural disasters affecting our business arena.

·   Establish and manage a program of inspection for our corporate branded product, partnering with the Director of Corporate Brands, ensuring that the corporate brands are of the highest quality and meet all standards of food safety. Develop/implement procedures for conducting product yield tests to ensure conformance to packer specification within our distribution facilities , ensuring quality, preferable product is offered for our customers

·   Participate in periodic store visits, maintaining the partnership between distribution Quality Assurance/Food Safety and store operations QA/FS. Engage store management/personnel in conversation concerning product quality, wholesomeness with the purpose of addressing quality issues that store operations may be experiencing.



Education and Experience

·   Bachelors Degree

·   Up to 8-10 Years Experience

Skills and Knowledge

·   Presentation skills

·   Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·   Strong analytical skills

·   Customer focus

·   Sound judgment and decision making

·   Supervisory/leadership skills

·   Initiative

·   Building organizational capability

·   Attention to detail

·   Negotiation Skills& Strategic Planning






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