Food poisoning: 88 Oman pilgrims hospitalised ... 1 person killed in Jeddah

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FOLLOWING the consumption of unhygienic food, 88 Omani pilgrims are now suffering from food poisoning, as they were quickly taken to Al-Ansar and Uhd Hospitals in Madinah yesterday.
The incidence happened just some few minutes after taking their food from a local restaurant as a result of which most of the pilgrims spent over five hours in the two hospitals receiving treatments before they were later discharged.
Statistics as released by the federal ministry of health, explained that as of Sunday, 9,575 pilgrims received treatment at health care centers in the city, while Red Crescent ambulances transferred 154 the city’s hospitals.
Health minister Hamad Al-Manie announced yesterday that Saudi authority had made all necessary arrangements to ensure pilgrims enjoy good health during and even after performing their Hajj.
He said that health authorities would continue to monitor the activities of pilgrims, saying, “we will immediately act in case of any suspicion to protect the pilgrims.”
He further said, the ministry has mobilized 24 hospitals, with a capacity of around 4,000 beds and 133 primary health care centers and around 10,000 health care personnel to serve the pilgrims in Makkah, Madinah and the holy sites of Mina and Arafat.
Dr. Ibrahim Kana, the Head of Federal Medical team, explained that even before arriving at the Holyland, the federal government had made adequate arrangements to ensure all pilgrims are safe.
He said already 36 medical doctors were on the ground with 16 pharmacies, 69 nurses, while eight environmental health officers are on daily basis paying visits to all pilgrims houses with a view to ensuring healthy environment including their meals.



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