Chile: Aproqueso denies further listeria cases in products from other companies

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The manager of the association has stated that, following a surge in bacteria cases, the companies involved have been adopting preventative measures for several months.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008 

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SANTIAGO.- The head of the Association of Cheese Producers (Aproqueso), Alfredo Albarrán, stated today that according to analyses that have been performed, there are no cases of listeria monocytogenes in any other companies apart from Chevrita.

"So far, it (the bacteria) has not been found in any other type of cheese. Fortunately, there is only one company involved. We have not detected any errors in the sampling process, which we are continuing to perform", Albarrán told Radio ADN.

Albarrán stated that "we as a cheese-making industry have been concerned about the matter for some time, this was not a sanitation alert that came about merely a month ago; authorities involved have been concerned about the matter for approximately eight months, when a significant increase in cases of bacterial infection was observed".

The manager explained that the companies involved were prompted to take actions to confront the situation, performing tests and taking preventative measures.

"In the identification process, we have incorporated an analysis of listeria monocytogenes into the weekly analysis procedures at the plant. Really, we have not been able to detect the presence of listeria in the milk, which means that the contamination must have been caused by mixing raw milk with pasteurized milk", he declared.




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