UK: Children back at school after salmonella outbreak

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2:15pm Monday 8th December 2008


By Annie Riddle »

MOST of the children from Salisbury’s Pembroke Park Primary School who were struck down by salmonella last week have recovered and are now back in class.

Headteacher Joy Wagstaff said there had been no new cases over the weekend, and only a couple of the pupils had needed an overnight stay in hospital for rehydration.

She said Health Protection Agency officials trying to trace the source of the outbreak had told her it may never be known.

“There was no link to the school kitchen as far as we know,” she said. Salisbury District Council’s environmental health officers inspected it last Tuesday and told her they were “very happy with the procedures followed by our catering company”.

A council spokesman described the school’s kitchen as “well managed” and said investigations were continuing.

In all, eight cases of the infection were confirmed among the 22 pupils who were off school sick last week.

GPs were alerted, and parents were sent a fact sheet detailing the symptoms of the illness and care advice.

Salmonella is usually caught from raw or undercooked food particularly meat, poultry and eggs.

It can spread from person to person.




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