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Posted by: The Global FoodBanking Network (Employer Profile)

Posted date: Dec-09-11

Location: Chicago

GFN is seeking an intern to produce a GFN-published ToolKit defining best practices in maintaining effective food safety procedures at the individual food bank level as well as through the establishment of effective national food safety standards by a national food bank network for its member food banks. The intern must be available 10-15 hours/ASAP. The project must be completed by March 31, 2012.
The ToolKit will educate the reader as to the need for food safety protection, the basic tenets of an effective food safety program, how to learn about the applicable statutory and regulatory environment in their own country/locality, and how to design effective policies and procedures. It will include sample policies and forms, as appropriate and sample HACCP plans. Finally, it will include sample self-inspection procedures and checklists to equip the reader with tools to prepare and maintain compliance with the applicable standards.
The ToolKit will also provide recommendations for documenting the appropriate policies and procedures of the food bank and/or network and for developing and delivering appropriate training to staff and volunteers to facilitate effective management of compliance with the policies.
Description of Duties / Responsibilities:
• The primary duty/goal is to compile the most relevant and critical food safety data into a usable toolkit/manual that can then be redistributed to current GFN members and prospective members worldwide.

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The Global FoodBanking Network

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Mandatory Job Qualifications

Education, Knowledge, and Experience Requirements
• Educated in and understands the field of food safety management
• Ability to cull through technical materials and condense the information into layman’s terms
• Ideally has non-profit or food banking experience as a supporter or volunteer
• Knowledge of global food security / insecurity a bonus
• Sensitivity to writing for a broad range of education and reading levels
• Cultural knowledge beyond domestic borders extremely important
Skill Requirements
• Very detail oriented, with strong research skills
• An effective communicator and skilled at writing
• Experience and competence in creating written communications for adult training purposes
• Strong self-motivation aptitude and enthusiasm for working in a team setting
• Strong ability to work without direct supervision if necessary

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Type of Work -> Program Management


Location -> Chicago / Cook County

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