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Manager, Product Development (Food Science)

Category : Sales & Marketing

Location/City : FL - Miami

Top Chef, Food Network Star, Triple D you watch them all. And how can you not? You're a foodie, a lover of all things exquisite in the world of culinary arts. Well it's time to stop watching and start living, as the Manager of Product Development at a leading quick service chain.

5 Things You Can't Google About This Gig

Work Hard and Prosper: One word, 5 syllables - Meritocracy. Definition - perform well and you will be rewarded from a career perspective.

Worst part of the job: It's hard to focus on work when the beach is a short walk away. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a Sounds of the Ocean Pandora station and can of Tropical Febreeze.

Offices, Cubes or Card Tables: Our client has a name for offices they're called conference rooms. Ever seen a picture of the offices in Boiler Room? Even the CEO is at a table, no traditional cubes. You'll need ear buds and a lack of significant eye-contact to indicate you're less than available.

Company 411: While we can't give away the secret sauce, we can tell you that our client in a leader in the QSR arena and serving up opportunity for growth along with other killer menu items.

Keep walking if: You had to Wikipedia "foodie" in the first paragraph.

Legal Said We Had to Throw in Some Bullets to Call This a Job Posting

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Creating complete product recipe, build cards (including product tracking form), and initiating procedures with operations R&D.
  • Authoring product specifications and ensure QA, food safety, are in agreement.
  • Assuring supplier can accurately meet product specification being commercialized.
  • Monitoring product taste testing with consumers. Test and validate operations R&D procedure for optimal quality.
  • Ensure legal agreements are in place (non-disclosure, product development agreement, and product testing agreement) for all food products, and assisting legal in negotiations when applicable.

Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in related area with 4-6 years of relevant experience
  • Requires a thorough understanding of management and leadership principles, business strategy, and setting priorities.
  • Requires independent analytical and creative effort regarding proper procedures, planning of work and follow-up.
  • Must have knowledge of trends, consumer insights, and competitive restaurant/menu strategies.
  • Understanding of restaurant operating environments and operations.
  • Basic knowledge of food production and processing at plant level; thorough knowledge of food standards, HAACP, and Serve Safe Certification.
  • Requires analytical skills and creative problem solving
  • Requires adaptability to handle multiple projects simultaneously Must have excellent communication skills
  • Basic computer skills: Excel, Work, PowerPoint, etc.

Tags: Product Development, food science, QSR, business strategy, consumer insights, research and development

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