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Senior Food Scientist-CAN0002S Canton, NC


The Food Scientist/Microbiologist's purpose and function is to provide factual data, guidance and solutions on food, food packaging, shelf life, packaging materials, microbiology, food & packaging regulatory & GMP requirements and related manufacturing processes as needed to support EPI's food and non-food fiber, paper, paperboard, packaging and filling machine businesses, both domestically and internationally. Such purpose and function shall include support of existing products, processes & equipment, both internally and externally, recycling of used containers, new product developments, new process developments & new machinery developments for both food and non-food applications. Internal activities include paper and board manufacturing through extrusion coating, converting and distribution of EPI products to its customers as well as related filling machinery issues. External activities include warehousing and filling at customer plants through container filling, machinery & processing equipment, distribution, retailing and customer/consumer use of EPI products & equipment. Such activities include testing, investigation, analyses, troubleshooting, competitive assessments and development of: food and non-food packaging & shelf life requirements; related materials and microbiological issues & requirements; related regulatory & GMP compliance issues; related filling machinery and processing equipment; interactions between the container and its contents; materials, coatings, treatments, methods & processes to extend shelf life; coatings, barriers, additives and treatments to protect the container and its contents from the environment; inks, varnish and other coatings to ensure EPI printing processes and prints are fully compliant with all applicable regulatory and GMP requirements; recycled fibers and materials; and other sustainability directives. Testing, investigations and analyses are to be accomplished with detailed accuracy in a timely manner using a combination of equipment, materials and methods available at the Corporate Lab and out-sourced facilities. State-of-the-art methods, materials, techniques and equipment are expected to be used when/where possible, practical, economically justifiable and available. Such analytical activities are to be done in support of laboratory, pilot plant and trial production plant testing and evaluation of containers, packages, equipment, packaging products, converted board, polycoated board, baseboard, coatings, fibers, additives, foreign substances, contaminants, chemicals and related materials to support manufacturing, extrusion, converting, sales, sales service, marketing, customers, product development, product & process improvements and related groups/clients. These activities, as indicated, span EPI's functions from paper and paperboard making through extrusion coating, converting, filling, machinery, storage, distribution, point of sale and consumer use as necessary to support new product developments, market research, product, process & equipment developments & improvements, material substitutions, cost savings, troubleshooting, special projects and other business needs of Evergreen Packaging. These efforts shall be results focused and presented in raw data and summary format as needed by those Clients to whom the Food Scientist/Microbiologist provides support and services. All data generated is to be of sound quality with minimal variances, credible, accurate and analysed as needed to determine trends, correlations, relationships, curve fitting and other basic statistical assessments. Lab, pilot and trial testing required will range from chemical preparations and related tests to food, microbial, optical, physical and mechanical testing on a wide variety of laboratory, pilot and commercial equipment including testing over time for shelf life assessments and other purposes. The workload and demand for test results will vary from day to day as well as over longer time intervals both in terms of what is needed and priority ranging from important to urgent. The Food Scientist/Microbiologist will be expected to help peers, co-workers and management with other tasks and assignments as needed.

The main activities of the Food Scientist/Microbiologist are to be:

- Responsible for detailed testing, investigations, assessments and troubleshooting of food and non-food containers, packaging materials, packaging machinery/methods, food processing equipment/methods, product shelf life and related microbiology, food and non-food chemistry, regulatory compliance and GMP requirements.

- Must have a working knowledge of food science, food chemistry, microbiology, material chemistry, USA food & packaging regulatory compliance requirements, HACCP, GMP's, foreign food & packaging regulatory compliance requirements, food filling machine sanitary requirements, food processing equipment/methods and food packaging shelf life requirements.

- Must be capable of interpreting chemical analyses of food, non-food substances, packaging material, foreign objects, contaminants and related materials down to parts per billion using appropriate methods and equipment as provided in-house or by out-sourcing as necessary.

- Must be proficient at using lab and pilot plant equipment to test and evaluate food, non-food substances, packaging materials, foreign objects, contaminants, microbial and related material properties, attributes, activity and interactions as appropriate.

- Responsible for generating in-depth analytical and technical reports on data and results from analysis and assessments of materials, samples, shelf life and other items in a timely manner.

- Responsible for logging in requests and samples for analytical testing and evaluation.

- Responsible for sending samples to clients, customers and outside resources as needed.

- Responsible for logging raw lab, pilot & trial data into MS Excell and other lab databases in a timely manner.

- Responsible for generating organized data summaries, tables, charts & graphs of lab, pilot & trial data upon request.

- Responsible for generating in-depth statistical evaluations on lab, pilot and trial data.

- Responsible for generating in-depth analyses and comparisons among related and/or comparative test samples.

- Responsible for effectively communicating sample and test requirements as needed, both verbally and written.

- Responsible for effectively communicating in-depth lab, pilot & trial results when needed, both verbally and written.

- Be proficient in the use of computers and software (desktop & laptop computers, MS Office products, lab equipment specific hardware & software, others as necessary).

- Responsible for following procedures and working in a safe and time effective manner.

- Proficient at working with lab ware, lab chemicals, delicate instruments, test equipment, ovens, incubators, environmental chambers, coolers, pilot equipment & machinery.

- Capable of working in coolers, freezers, humidity chambers and other environmental chambers.

- Develop, verify and maintain lab, pilot & trial procedures needed to provide credible and accurate test data on tests performed in the lab, pilot plant & on trials.

- Assist in maintaining lab safety, safety equipment, lab regulatory compliance & related records.

- Assist in conducting safety audits and implement improvements as necessary.

- Assist Lab Manager with set up and maintenance of lab data input devices and the database housing this lab data.

- Assist Lab Manager with monitoring and improving lab effectiveness.

- Work with Evergreen plants, sales and customer service people, marketing, project managers, our suppliers and our customers, at the laboratory, pilot and commercial level for purposes of evaluating new ideas, new products, issues, problems, defects, complaints, materials, work in progress, existing products and competitive products.

- Participate in larger scale projects such as commercial ramp-ups, customer complaints and in depth chemical and physical analyses as needed.

- Interface with outside laboratories, utilize non-routine test methods and techniques to provide data, prepare and ship samples as directed.

- Assist the Lab Manager in keeping all lab, pilot plant & trial documentation current including test procedures, our MSDS book, and the Safety Manual and instrument calibrations, especially items related to analytical analyses.

- Maintain a sample log of all samples submitted to and tested within the Laboratory & Pilot Plant for analytical analyses.

- Keep all data, discovery and innovation information in a suitable notebook with dated entries for intellectual property purposes, signed and verified by Lab Manager, co-workers or other competent individuals.

- Maintain a database to organize and track all sample tests and results for regulatory compliance analyses.

- Assist with and provide laboratory, pilot plant & trial expertise for special projects and qualification of outside labs and vendors as necessary.

- Assist the Lab Manager and Lab Clients in preparing purchase orders and assist with the paperwork necessary to pay outside vendors and service providers for work related to our laboratory, pilot plant and commercial developments, especially for or related to regulatory compliance analyses.

- Assist in the collection of samples for regulatory and microbiological testing & maintaining a record of the samples collected as to date, grade, etc., especially those requiring regulatory compliance analyses.

- Ship collected samples to appropriate outside testing facilities & maintain a record of each shipment including date of shipment and arrival of shipment, especially for or related to regulatory compliance analyses.

- Participate in taking care of the laboratory and pilot plant facilities to ensure they are properly maintained and certified as directed, especially for or related to regulatory compliance analyses.

- Participate in maintaining a bleached board and food grade board testing and development laboratory capable of meeting TAPPI standards and other quality standards as needed, especially for or related to regulatory compliance analyses.

- Participate in keeping all data, discovery and innovation information in a suitable notebook with dated entries for intellectual property purposes.

- As required, organize test data into databases, summarize test data, generate analyses, make comparisons, graph, trend plot and communicate this information to the Lab Manager, co-workers, Lab Clients and others who have a recognized need to know in a confidential and proprietary manner.

- Work with minimal supervision, be a self-starter, maintain flexibility and when called upon work with a sense of urgency.

- Follow procedures and work in a safe manner at all times following EPI safety rules, expectations and standards.

- Satisfactorily complete all training as necessary to work in the Corporate Lab and maintain proficiency in performing all duties of the Corporate Food Scientist/Microbiologist at all times.

- Ability to work well with others including peers, co-workers, supervisors and management.

Physical Requirements:

The Corporate Food Scientist/Microbiologist position requires an ability to lift 50 lbs minimum up to a distance of 3 feet. The candidate must have good colour vision, as colour evaluation is essential to many of the tests to be completed.

The Corporate Food Scientist/Microbiologist's unique duties will include:

Conduct food science, microbiological and food regulatory compliance tests, troubleshooting, evaluations, assessments, developments and guidance as necessary to support EPI business needs.

The Corporate Food Scientist/Microbiologist's required skills must include:

A proficiency in food science, microbiology and food regulatory compliance requirements focused on EPI business needs.

A proficiency in establishing test procedures, techniques, methods and standards aimed at achieving credible and accurate testing results with minimal errors and variation, and with minimal testing time, due to method, materials, equipment and people.

A proficiency in Microsoft Office professional software such as Excel, Word, MS Access, Outlook and Power Point is a must. The candidate should be able to demonstrate a proficiency in solving and calculating algebraic and geometric math problems as well as conducting basic statistical evaluations.

Key Accountabilities:

45-65 % Food Science Evaluations

Conduct food science & regulatory compliance evaluation of products, processes, equipment, samples and items as required

10-20 % Microbial Evaluations

Conduct microbial evaluation of products, processes, equipment, samples and items as required

10-15 % Project Support

Support new product development projects. Laboratory, pilot plant & trial testing and reporting: Chemical Testing, Physical/Mechanical Testing, Biological Testing, Optical Testing, Shock & Vibration Testing, Statistical Analyses, Sample collecting and shipping etc.

10-15% Manufacturing and Technical Support

Provide technical support to other projects, manufacturing, converting and other departments within the company.

5% Safety and Other

Safety standards, protocols, training and other company programs

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified. All personnel may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities from time to time, as needed.




Master's Degree (Food Science, Microbiology)

Computer Skills (Word processing, Excel, Microsoft Access, PowerPoint, Outlook,

Photoshop, etc)

Technical skills (Science, Math, Biology, Statistics)

Good communication skills


Advanced Degree (Food Science, Microbiology)

College degree (Chemistry, Food Science, Microbiology, Other Science)

5 + years in R & D or comparable environment

Microbiology background & experience

Material science technology background



Minimum of 5+ years work in alaboratory, R&D, field experience or comparable.

Superior relationship and team building skills.


Uses initiative

Is proactive

Takes ownership and accountability

Is customer focused (internally and externally)

Has good verbal and written communication skills

Works well with peers

Be able to work unsupervised and be resourceful

Be organised and have the ability to come up with practical solutions

Be adaptable

Able to work within a team but also comfortable working independently

High degree of self motivationand credibility

Interest in learning new technologies and keeping abreast of changes in his/her respective areas of expertise.


: Manager, Product Development 2


: Full-time

Primary Location

: NC-Canton


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