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12/29. New SafetySmart Hand Sanitizer Creates "Invisible Barrier"


12/29. New Simple Method Enterobacter sakazakii

12/22. Essential oils combat MRSA bacteria

12/22. Essential oils could combat MRSA

12/21. Clariant installs antimicrobial agent to achieve product safety

12/21. New Simple Method Enterobacter sakazakii

12/21. New SafetySmart Hand Sanitizer Creates "Invisible Barrier"

12/21. ChemScan RDI Receives Approval for 4 Hour Cryptosporidium Protocol

12/21. Filtration and Culturing in One Single-Use Unit

12/21. Vitipore® II and Vitipore II Plus Cartridge Filters Remove Beverage Spoiling

12/21. New Computer Program Predicts Mycotoxin Levels in Corn


12/14. Biacore launches test kit for drug residues in meat

12/13. ChemScan RDI Receives Approval for 4 Hour Cryptosporidium Protocol

12/13. Filtration and Culturing in One Single-Use Unit

12/13. Vitipore® II and Vitipore II Plus Cartridge Filters Remove Beverage Spoiling

12/13. Rapid Microbiology Methods in Pharmaceuticals - Meetings in USA and Europe

12/13. VIDAS® Staph Enterotoxin (SET2) Gets AOAC Approval

12/13. AIRSTREAM® Class II Biosafety Cabinets - Second Generation

12/10. [Philippines] New water purifying system hits Cebu

12/10. Plans to Launch a New Low Pressure Ozone Mobile Sanitizer


12/09. Biloxi, Miss., casino goes fresh with 'cook and chill' food processing plant

12/09. Scientists Tap Fungus to Protect Corn

12/08. Biacore offers new kits for b-agonists detection

12/08. Soluble label promises to improve food quality

12/08. PRODUCT OF THE WEEK - USDA approves SteriFx’s FreshFx

12/08. Food Safe International - Apollo Scientific Group Announce Collaboration

12/07. Biocontrol technique to reduce aflatoxin in peanut crops on the horizon

12/07. Chip planned to protect water from terror attack

12/07. Sandia to build water-safety device

12/07. Researchers Challenge Poultry Pathogens


12/06 Integrated Genomics Inc. has licensed its state-of-the-art genomic discovery system

12/06 Single Wrap Contact Plates for Surface Monitoring

12/02 Product of the week: PolyConversions highlights the meat-safe features of its VR apron


12/02 Hollingsworth & Vose Introduces AquaSure and AquaSure Ag Pool & Spa Filtration

12/02 Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. Announces Khandaker Partners, Inc.

12/02 New approach to meat safety taken in MSU study of E. coli

12/02, Inc. Subsidiary, Ozone Safe Food, Inc. to Attend


12/01 New innovations at IPA reveal current trends

12/01 USDA Approves FreshFx Antimicrobial Solution From SteriFx for On-Line

12/01 KSU Process Protects Ready-to-Eat Beef From Pathogen

11/30. [India] New technology spells hope for farmers, exporters

11/30. Studies find irradiation suitable for cilantro, sprouts


11/22. Fuzz-free strawberries forecast with new food safety treatment

11/22. Evaluation Labs for New E.coli O157 Test

11/21. New Oxoid Listeria Identification Kit is a Winner at ILS

11/20. e-FoodSafety's Big Six Germicidal Scores High Marks as Further Testing Continues


11/19. Innovative Biosensors Inc. Signs Marshfield Clinic Laborator

11/18. Safeline introduces 'The Guide To Reducing Metal Contamination

11/18. "Bacteria eaters" demonstrate potential to reduce E. coli in

11/17. Flexible Pouch Mated With Trigger Sprayer In First-Ever, New


11/17. Press Release Source: Calgon Carbon Corporation

11/17. Decas Botanical Synergies Introduces NutriCran-AM Natural An

11/17. Flexible packaging guide outlines good practice


11/15. Red wine has anti-bacterial impact, new study

11/15. Montana researchers seeking ways to head off spread of E. coli

11/15. Shock waves tear food bugs apart

11/15. MAS-100 ISO™ Air Sampler for Cleanrooms and Isolators

11/15. New European Distributor for Warnex

11/14. Neogen Europe Develops New Mycotoxin Tests

11/13. QuickTox™ Kit For Aflatoxin Gets USDA Approval

11/12. Reducing Food Safety Risks with Hot Spots(TM)

11/12. Wine is bactericidal to foodborne pathogens

11/10. e-FoodSafety's Big Six Germicidal Meets and Exceeds EPA Prot


11/09. Neogen Europe Develops New Mycotoxin Tests

11/09. New GIPSA Approval for EnviroLogix QuickTox Kit for Aflatoxin

11/08. Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) Develops New Sample-Preparation Cartr

11/08. Next Generation Luminometer Passes '500' Milestone

11/08. Oxoid Show Riboprinter® Microbial Identification and Characterisation System

11/08. PNA FISH Enables Speciation From Blood Culture Bottles

11/05. AMIF Sponsored Studies On Listeria-control Interventions Are

11/03. e-FoodSafety's Big Six Germicidal Product Commences EPA Test

11/03. U. of I. finds solution to arsenic in wells

11/01. New MicroLog Database Enhances Microbial Identification Capabilities


10/30. Affymetrix Developing DNA Microarray for Identification of Biodefense Pathogens

10/28. Campylobacter: Unmasking the Secret Genes of a Food-Poisonin

10/28. Campylobacter: Unmasking the Secret Genes of a Food-Poisoning Culprit

10/26. Scientists push boundaries of bacteria-fighting film

10/25. New Automated Colony Counter Used for Range of Food Tests

10/21. First-of-its-Kind Water Treatment Plant Opens in the Netherl

10/20. Product of the week: Microbiology International describes th

10/20. Cambrex acquires innovative rapid microbial detection compan

10/20. Ventilex introduces new steam pasteurizer

10/20. New pathogen identification microarray to offer most compreh


10/18. Strategic Diagnostics Updates Adoption of Listeria Test Meth

10/18. Major Meat Processors Adopt SDI's RapidChek Listeria

10/18. Accurate and Standardised Dilution Using Dilumat® 3 mk2

10/15. Making Campylobacter Easier to Count

10/13. Elisa test to check toxins in groundnuts

10/12. Bionanotechnology Could Find Elusive Bacteria

10/12. Nymox swallows federal patent on E. coli cattle treatment

10/11. Harmful bacteria shown up by nanoparticles


10/11. High Efficiency Air Sampling from Biotrace

10/11. Microgen Listeria Identification Kit Gains AOAC RI Approval

10/11. Nanotechnology Can Detect 5-10 Bacteria per ml.

10/11. New Biosensor Will Detect Low Levels of Listeria monocytogenes

10/06. Food scientists design sensor for listeria detection

10/06. New Biosensor Rapidly Detects Deadly Foodborne Pathogen

10/06. New biosensor rapidly detects deadly foodborne pathogen

10/05. COLT Technologies Acquires Worldwide Licensing Rights to New Rapid BSE Test

10/04. Mini lab offers on the spot tests

10/04. Rapid and Simple Detection of Salmonella - SMS


10/04. Genevision® Salmonella Test Receives AOAC RI Approval

10/04. Everything You Need for Campylobacter

10/04. Computing Solutions, Inc. Introduces Averaging and Trending Features

10/04. New Food and Water Laboratory Network to Deal With 21st Century Challenges

10/04. Guide to a Safe and Efficient Food Microbiology Lab
10/04. OBIS Test for Salmonella Differentiation from Selective Media


09/30. Nymox Develops New Methods of Treating Deadly E. Coli Food C

09/30. Avure Launches Newest Fresher Under Pressure(R) System for H

09/30. Thermo develops new monitoring techniques


09/29. Plumrose USA turns to ADT's remote video audits to help ensu

09/29. Simple test for vCJD could be on the horizon


09/27. OSU developing incredible edible egg for Army MREs

09/27. Smart Bug Detection (Food Safety)

09/27. IDC rolls out aseptic gravity flow valve for food industry

09/27. MAS-100 Eco™ Air Sampler for Food & Beverage Industry

09/23. Rapid test 'may change the face of medicine'

09/20. Managing Customer Complaints in the Laboratory


09/20. The New easyMIX® an Economic Blender With Quality

09/20. Evaluation of the New VITEK 2 Card for Identification of Gram-Negative Rods

09/20. New Oxoid Medium Enhances MRSA Screening

09/20. Simple and Efficient AXSYM® HAVAB® 2.0 Assay for Hepatitis A Total Antibody

09/19. Defence Lab Announces Its Latest Rapid Diagnosis Spin-Out Technology

09/19. User-friendly and Cost-effective Solutions to Automate Your Microbiology Laboratory

09/18. STERIS Products Found to Inactivate Prions

09/18. New Milliflex® Rapid Microbiology Detection System and AutoSpray Station

09/17. BOC Showcases a Wide Range of Beverage Product and Service S

09/17. Combination of Cranberry and Oregano Extracts May Inhibit Ba


09/14. MTI spears US food testing market

09/14. Arkansas company finds a better way to test water

09/14. UCSC goal: Develop a faster test for toxic algae

09/13. New food safety detection system speeds pathogen detection

09/12. Tumbling Machines use light to decontaminate food

09/10. Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and other naturally

09/10. Anderol lubricant aims to aid energy efficiency, food safety compliance


09/06. PURE Bioscience's Silver Dihydrogen Citrate Disinfectant Qui

09/05. eMerge Interactive Announces Shipment of Third Verifeye Carc


09/04. SurfaceGlove Now A New HACCP Safety Utensil

09/01. Updated dust extraction facilities for food processing plant

09/01. Product of the week: Electric Aquagenics Unlimited Inc. desi

09/01. GPI launches new aseptic packaging system

08/30. Product of the week: Industrial Controls’ Foamatic hand-drye


08/29. Triple Wrapped Prepared Media Plates for MAS-100 Air Sampler

08/28. MAS-100 Air Sampler for Cleanroom Environments

08/27. BioVeris Products Used for Security at Olympic Games

08/27. Enhanced Microbial Identification and Characterisation for Veterinary Laboratories


08/26. Riverbank filtration pulls pollutants from drinking water

08/25. PURE Bioscience's Axen30 Guards Against E. coli; Groundbreak

08/25. OSU working on antimicrobial food wrap

08/24. Electric Aquagenics to Beta Test Empowered Water(TM) Generat

08/23. Indexing E. coli: Genetic code library gives clues about water contamination sources

08/23. Nanoscale chemical sensors

08/22. We can end food allergies, researchers claim

08/21. Oxoid Products Detect and Confirm Antibiotic-Resistant Organisms

08/21. Study Shows Effectiveness of Spectral Diagnostics EAA Sepsis Assay


08/20. Grape extract - a future tool for extending shelf life?

08/20. Remnants of Winemaking Can Preserve Food

08/19. Researcher Invents Way to Remove Arsenic from Water

08/19. Iowa State Phage Seeks to Protect Swine on Farm

08/19. Intervent Offers Anti-Microbial Technologies for Food and Be

08/18. MCC Quick Test Innovation for Diagnostic Testing of Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7


08/17. e-FoodSafety's Anthrax Sporocidal EPA Testing Underway

08/17. Air Liquide modifies gas packaging

08/16. Egg related Salmonella outbreak at top restaurant could have


08/16. Savvy Sieve: Carbon nanotubes filter petroleum, polluted wat

08/16. AFNOR Approves Bio-Rad's DNA-Based Tests for Salmonella Results in 24 hours

08/15. Esco Labculture Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet certified to the EN12469

08/14. New On-Line Infectious Disease Manual from Bayer Diagnostics

08/12. Group Neutralizes Allergy-Causing Protein

08/11. Removing pathogens from chicken manure and human waste

08/10. New tests target nut allergens

08/09. New 3M Petrifilm Plate yields environmental results for Li

08/09. PURE Bioscience's Axen30 May be Key to Listeria Control

08/08. AOAC RI Approval for Genevision™ Listeria Tests


08/07. GSK Receives FDA Approval to use ChemScanRDI for Routine Water Analysis

08/06. Ultraviolet device enlisted in crypto fight

08/05. Product of the week

08/04. Nymox develops treatment of deadly E. coli food contaminatio

08/03. Warnex receives U.S. validations for Genevision(TM) Listeria

08/02. Devices installed to fight legionella at hospitals

08/01. Frost & Sullivan Honors GRAY*STAR, Inc. with 2004 Product In

07/30. Abbott Introduces Fully Automated Hepatitis A Test

07/28. Anaerobic Storage of Water Testing Plates for the Enumeration of Clostridium spp.

07/27. Municipalities on surface water step up water treatment syst


07/27. Bacteria's worst nightmare

07/26. New Celsis CellScan Innovate™ Rapid Microbial Screening for Dairy Industry

07/26. Improved Haemolysis Test For Listeria Identification

07/26. New Software for Microbiology Test Management

07/21. Technology may provide protection from smuggled meats

07/21. Product of the week

07/21. Putting pathogen detection in the palm of your hand

07/21. Comprehensive Sampling Manual Now Available

07/16. USDA Study Shows that Matrix-Pathatrix System is Key to E.coli O157 Testing
07/14. BAX® Receives Worldwide Approval for the Detection of Food-Borne Pathogens


07/14. GlaxoSmithKline Process Using Pall Rapid Microbiological Test Is First Approved By

07/12. New Microlog Database Enhances Fungal Identification in Food

07/08. Neogen Signs Worldwide Water Test Agreement

07/07. Bacteria detection in meat with new sensor technology

07/07. Bacteria detection in meat with new sensor technology

07/07. Allergen test for new food labels

07/06. FSU scientists develop new tests to detect nut allergens in

07/06. Bad wine might kill germs

07/06. Brazilian Government Approves BAX(R) System as Official Refe

07/05. Neogen's New Lateral Flow Reader, Analyses and Stores Results


07/05. Practical Concerns with Algorithms and Rapid Microbiology Systems

07/02. eMerge Interactive Announces Installation of Second VerifEYE

07/02. Neogen Launches World's Only Lateral Flow Reader

06/22. Warnex signs up major U.S. chicken producer as Genevision(TM

06/22. New Protection for Peanuts From Aflatoxin

06/21. Basophil Test Supplements Standard Food Allergy Diagnosis

06/21. Biotrace Acquires Tecra Holdings

06/21. Oxoid Involved in Major Campylobacter Project

06/20. New Oxoid Medium for Catabolism Studies

06/20. Biotrace Expands Hygiene Monitoring Products With New IBP Range


06/19. The Rapid Isolation and Identification of Listeria species from Food Samples

06/18. Britain has live test for mad cow: Can detect BSE in animals

06/18. Corn research aims at eliminating aflatoxin

06/18. Essential oils to fight food bacteria

06/17. New tests for nut allergens

06/16. Multisorb Technologies’ FreshMax inhibits the growth of pathogens

06/16. Trojan to provide Cornwall with tasty, clean water

06/16. Hand washing machine does the work for you

06/16. Strategic Diagnostics Announces Launch of Its Listeria Product


06/14. Freedom EVOlyzer Offers Fully Automated Microplate Processing

06/14. New External Camera Range for ProtoCOL Allows the Analysis of Bioassay Plates and

06/13. Neogen Introduces New ATP Monitoring Device

06/11. Pure H20 Bio-Technologies Announces New Potable Water Disinf

06/09. Joint Venture to Address Bacteria Issues that Plague the Oyster Industry

06/07. Membrane Technologies Reduce Potential Risk of Mad Cow Disea

06/07. Handheld Endotoxin Detection System Gives Fast, Quantitative Results With Ease

06/07. BioVeris Launches New Portable M-SERIES Instrument for the Detection of Biological


06/04. Matrix launches thorough food analysis

06/04. Neogen Introduces a New Sanitation Monitoring System

06/03. Pounding Prions

06/01. Mad Cow - Resistant Bovine Developed

05/30. Antigens screen for better vaccines?


05/29. Cilantro fights salmonella, researchers say


05/27. GEA launches filtration membrane pilot plant

05/27. A Sharper Nose For Danger

05/27. Figs Fight Off Food Poisoning

05/26. Neogen's Ruminant Feed Test Receives AOAC Validation

05/26. Microsens develops test for human "mad cow" disease

05/26. Calgon Carbon Announces Recent UV Successes

05/26. Warnex receives first U.S. validations for Genevision(TM) te

05/25. Viruses clear bacterial contamination in chickens


05/24. New Study Shows Copper Could Control MRSA Contamination

05/23. Labs-on-a-chip to Detect Milk Contamination

05/20. Eggs hold food safety secret

05/20. New anti-bacteria treatment for milk processors

05/19. Detection for protective gas atmosphere packaging

05/18. New Pall-Aquasafe water filter stops Legionella bacteria in

05/18. Labs-on-a-chip to detect milk contamination

05/17. Microbial-Vac Systems(R), Inc. Unveils Breakthrough Technolo

05/17. The New Gram Stain and Other Staining Methods Using Molecular Probes
05/17. World's Largest Turkey Processor to Use Warnex Genevision™ for Pathogen Testing


05/12. Bioniche E. coli 0157 Vaccine Shows Further Promise in Contr

05/12. 3M™ Petrifilm™ Environmental Listeria Plates

05/11. Warnex signs up world's largest turkey processing plant as G

05/10. Foil protection for food packaging

05/10. AATI Presents the RBD3000, Fully Automated Rapid Bacteria Detection System

05/10. Esco's Containment Cabinets to Feature Anti-Microbial Powder-Coatin

05/09. How to Choose an Autoclave - Unbiased, On-line Assistance from Priorclave

05/08. Rapid Micro Testing to Double by 2008

05/07. New DSM tech claims to eliminate acrylamide

05/07. Celsis reveals new contracts [milk testing]


05/04. Gloves engage in germ warfare

05/03. Demand for [metal] detection

04/30. UV LEDs sterilize water spiked with bacteria

04/30. Trucker concocts superbug killing cream in his garage

04/29. Toxin Guard(TM) comes to the army's defense

04/29. Sterilox Featured at the 2004 FMI Show; Kills Harmful Bacter

04/28. BIRD FLU: Chinese scientists develop new test for virus

04/28. Fujirebio Receives Manufacturing Approval for BSE Screening

04/28. Processors Use Tech To Track Meat Progression

04/28. Bacterial Proteins Combat Campylobacter


04/26. Quick salmonella detection

04/26. BIOQUELL Cleaning Process Highly Effective against MRSA
04/26. Targeted Bacterial Destruction
04/23. Proactive Quality System Offered to Reinforce U.S. Livestock

04/23. Foodpro - A Safer And Healthier Way To Heat Food Products
04/22. Wrappers smarten up to protect food
04/22. Ability to remove pathogens from chicken manure and human waste
04/21. Vapour could 'wipe out' superbug
04/21. Medtrol’s selection of hand sanitizers
04/19. New RiboPrinter® Software Allows Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 for Electronic
04/19. DoD Awards Portable Water Purification System to Remove Chemical & Biological
04/19. New W-Zip Pouches for Oxoid Compact Atmosphere Generation Kits
04/18. E.nose helps food industry smell the cost-benefits
04/17. UB scientist dips into past for new way to clean water
04/16. Water supply safety
04/15. Two new tests for detecting ractopamine
04/15. New tests created to detect feed additive
04/14. Method of vaccination of newly hatched poultry
04/14. Detecting metal through packaging
04/13. USDA licenses three more rapid BSE tests
04/13. Relax, Brown County customers ?Manitowoc plant is equipped
04/13. GENE-TRAK Listeria Microwell Test Receives AOAC Validation
04/13. Tests show 'good bugs' could prevent food poisoning
04/12. Microbial Monitoring and ISO 14698
04/12. New W-Zip Pouches for Oxoid Compact Atmosphere Generation Kits
04/12. World's Most Precise Colony Counter at Analytica
04/09. Prionics and Roche Gain Approval of Rapid BSE Tests from USDA
04/09. Bacteria banish fowl bugs
04/09. Innovations in pasteurisation
04/08. Giant microwave ovens pasteurizes packaging and pallets
04/08. New method to detect dioxin in fish
04/08. Third [Rapid BSE] Test Approved
04/08. Abbott Mad Cow Test Wins U.S. Approval
04/08. Friendly bug in a cuddly chick
04/07. Emerge’s VerifEYE-based HandScan hand-hygiene technology is the newest food
04/05. DSM: more accurate antibiotic test
04/05. RMUG for Food!
04/05. AFNOR Stamp of Approval for Listeria Rapid Test
04/03. New Broth Medium for Safer Cultivation of Fastidious Organisms
04/03. Vermicon AG and Doehler Establish an Alliance for the Microbiological Purity of
04/03. Gadget gets dirt on cleanliness
04/01. Pathogen Detector
03/31. Frog skin and supercomputers lead Penn chemists to designing
03/31. Colitag™ Detects Both MUG Positive and Negative E.coli

03/30. Government of Canada invests in clean water technology
03/30. Innovations in [metal] detection revealed at Total 2004
03/30. Leading mad cow test developed in Pullman
03/29. High-tech handwasher helper points out where the nasties wer
03/29. Cudahy installs UV water treatment system
03/29. Revolutionary Approach to Large-Scale Decontamination of Liquids
03/29. Oxoid Exhibits Extensive Range of Clinical Microbiology Products at ECCMID 2004
03/25. Idexx wins rapid BSE test approval
03/24. Processor Probes for Pathogens
03/24. Test Detects Brucella Bacteria in Goat's Milk
03/23. Invention could revolutionize decontamination & purification
03/23. KSU working to hardwire cattle for health tracking
03/22. Industrial Vacuum Helps Ensure Food Safety, Identified as th
03/22. Pathchek™ Hygiene Monitoring Test Now Available in Asia-Pacific Region
03/21. Nutreco Agriculture Introduces a Rapid Analysis Method for Pathogens
03/20. Improved differentiation and enumeration of E. coli and other coliforms in drinking water
03/19. USDA approves rapid BSE test
03/19. IDEXX Laboratories Receives USDA Approval of BSE Postmortem
03/19. Bio-Rad Receives USDA Permit for BSE Test
03/19. Idexx gets USDA OK for animal test for Mad Cow disease
03/18. Nymox reports progress in NXC-4720 E.coli product
03/16. Gloves Put Death Grip on Germs
03/16. 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Reader
03/15. Meat trace-back system
03/15. Faster Detection of Enterobacter Sakazakii in Infant Formula
03/14. AOAC-RI Approval for DuPont Qualicon BAX® E.coli O157:H7
03/13. VIT- Alicyclobacillus for Rapid Detection of Trace Contaminations
03/12. Cooling process keeps fish and pears fresh and tasty
03/12. GRAS status signals rise in market share for natural food in
03/11. Triple-Pasteurization Plan
03/11. eMerge to Unveil Prototype Hand-Scanning Hygiene System at F
03/11. Taking the tears out: Walla Walla company sells onions prech
03/10. Product of the week: Global Technology Resources offers a tr
03/10. FSIS's new compliance guidelines for meat and poultry jerky
03/10. Dead germs don't mutate - or infect
03/10. USDA, WSU scientists search for BSE test for live animals
03/09. A revolution in traceability
03/08. DuPont Qualicon BAX?system for detecting E.coli O157:H7 cer
03/08. DNA chip sniffs out doctored food
03/08. Vaccine for 'Delhi belly' could save 500,000 lives
03/08. RAPID´Enterococcus Agar Facilitates Chromogenic Detection of Enterococci
03/08. AOAC-RI Approval for DuPont Qualicon BAX® E.coli O157:H7
03/07. New Approach to Controlling E. coli in Pigs
03/07. Diagnostic Reagents Enhance Laboratory Safety
03/06. EPA Approves Colitag™ E. coli Test System for Drinking Water
03/06. What's on Show from Oxoid at the Parenteral Drug Association SciTech Summit

03/05. New device for arsenic, iron free water [Bangladesh]

03/05. Tracing meat with clever chips

03/04. Antibiotic Alternative for E.Coli in Pigs

03/04. DuPont Develops E.coli Testing System

03/04. Egg safety technology full of potential

03/04. New Approach to Controlling E. coli in Pigs


03/03. Belgian Pasteurization Technology Kills Avian Influenza in Shell Eggs

03/03. Flooring foodborne disease

03/03. Coating process could revolutionise food packaging

03/03. Light-sensitive gloves reduce risk of germ transfer

03/03. Mouthwash Chem A Food Safety Tool

03/03. Safe Foods Corporation Receives FDA Approval for Cecure(TM)

03/02. Edible film protects poultry from Campylobacter

03/02. Hotelympia rewards shell egg food safety and quality applian

03/01. Sprouting safer seeds


02/29. Sudan red alert

02/27. Leading mad cow test developed at WSU

02/26. VerifEYE food safety technology expands to South American ma

02/26. Bar codes to battle foodborne diseases

02/25. New method E. coli detection in drinking water

02/25. Product of the Week [Remote Viewing System]

02/25. IDEXX test for mad cow disease takes next step

02/24. Presenting potential new blood tests for vCJD

02/23. Lock chock detector

02/23. Bacterial Toxin Detection - Cholera

02/23. Microbubbles Make Shellfish Safe and Tasty


02/22. New Livestock Feed Test Guards Against Mad Cow Disease

02/22. Trojan Technologies Awarded Contract for Water Reuse in Cali

02/21. NDSU researchers say radio tags could track livestock

02/20. Checking grain in small batches

02/20. New Chromogenic Bacillus Cereus Agar More Sensitive than Traditional Media

02/19. Prionics rapid BSE test helps identify new strain of mad cow

02/18. Rapid diarrhoea test developed

02/18. Freezing Process Seen as Emerging Food Safety Strategy

02/17., Inc.'s Patent Pending 'Food Safe' Process

02/17. Virus-free farmed seafood


02/16. JAPAN: Scientists find safer way to keep farmed fish virus-free

02/16. Secrets of Food Safety Shared

02/16. UConn Scientists Developing Bacteria Detection Device

02/16. Five new MicroFoss Coliform applications approved by the AOAC

02/15. BC-Eggs-Traceability

02/14. EPA Approves Colitag E. coli Detection Technology For Public

02/13. Scientists examine possibility of BSE-resistant cattle

02/13. Robotics Help Test for Animal Diseases

02/13. Neenah water plant to cost $24M


02/10. BioControl Provides Immediate Hygiene Validation in a FLASH™

02/10. An ultraviolet defense

02/09. Shellfish to get check-up from ESR

02/09. New food test approved

02/09. RFID comes of age

02/08. A clearer picture for food safety

02/08. Oxoid Awards for Beer Quality and Brewing Hygiene 2003/2004

02/08. Oxoid Wins FDA Approval


02/07. OXOID Expands Range of Rapid Diagnostic Tests

02/07. Lawmakers request mad cow tissue sample for TSE Scan

02/07. UConn scientists developing bacteria detection device

02/05. Salmonella risk in pork production

02/05. Researchers find protein that could lead to listeria vaccine

02/04. Air Products Makes Strategic Investment in Sterilox Technolo

02/03. Breakthrough in fighting food pathogens

02/02. FSIS revises detection methods for select SRMs

02/01. Simultaneous detection of E.coli and coliforms in Food and W

01/31. Oxoid Rapid Serum Test for E. coli O157 - FREE TEST KITS now


01/30. PDX 24 - The 24 Hour Test for Listeria in Environmental Samp

01/29 One Hour Test for Listeria

01/29 BOC Aqueous Ozone Technology Validated for Controlling Listeria

01/28. Researchers scrambling to develop rapid BSE test

01/28. Local company developing minute test for detecting CWD, mad cow disease

01/28. A leap forward for traceability technology

01/28. New detector promises safer processing

01/27. Making ready-to-eat meals safer

01/27. BRIGHT IDEA: Water, debugged

01/27. VeriPrime Inc. Certifies Abbott Laboratories for Rapid BSE T


01/26. Mad cow live test on way

01/26. Safety water marks

01/26. Essential oils also fight foodborne bacteria

01/26. Warnex E.coli 0157 Test Validated

01/25. Collecting environmental samples is simple with AssureSwab®

01/25. New Range of Rapid Listeria Tests for Food Processing Enviro

01/24. Alicyclobacillus, the Beverage Industry and the BioSys

01/24. SEQUENOM Collaborates With HPA to Apply MassARRAY™ Technolog

01/24. Bacteriophages may foil E.coli


01/22. Food Safety Fast

01/22. Bacterium that causes food poisoning may lead to better anti

01/21. Scientists Try for 'Mad Cow Free' Clone

01/21. AVANT Announces Positive Results of Cholera Vaccine Trial

01/21. Vaccines could limit the impact of cholera

01/20. Abbott seeks USDA approval of BSE test

01/20. Pork analysis made simpler

01/20. APHIS offers BSE Rapid Test licensing application informatio

01/20. Microgen Identification System Software Update


01/19. Rapid and Reliable Test for E.coli/coliforms in Food

01/19. Canadian authorities select Prionics for BSE surveillance pr

01/19. Labcaire Launches Safety Cabinets with Anti-Microbial Coatin

01/19. Oxoid Expands Range of Food Testing Kits

01/19. Genesis's Prion to validate CWD strip test soon

01/18. Good bacteria may guard against Salmonella

01/18. Bacteriophages may foil E.coli

01/18. VeriPrime Inc. Certifies Abbott Laboratories for Rapid BSE T



01/16. Vitamin E May Be Key to Listeria-Free Turkeys

01/15. Scientists Investigate Probiotic Use in Poultry, Develop New Tests

01/15. Probiotics Protect Poultry From Pathogens

01/15. UK's Protherics at six-year high on mad cow test

01/15. Canadian Food Inspection Agency selects Prionics AG for enha

01/15. GeneThera obtains cooperation from the U.S.D.A. for validati

01/15. New tests to fight foodborne disease

01/15. Swiss help Canadians battle BSE

01/15. Biological weapons sensor detects anthrax in two minutes


01/14. Ambitions in food safety

01/14. New Machine Bodes Death for Mad Cow Proteins

01/14. BSE Busters

01/14. SuperSafeMark® program offers retailers solutions for food s

01/14. Pennsylvania irradiator is now fully operational


01/13. ARS-Adapted Grain Sorter Sees Fungal Poisons Under "New Light"

01/13. Sequenom technology used to pinpoint source of mad cow disea

01/13. AIST Succeeds in Inactivating Food Poisoning Fungus Norovirus

01/12. From Dolly to Molly, ‘Frankencows’ to beat BSE ?

01/12. New Colony Counting Study Shows åCOLyte SuperCount Matches M

01/11. Introducing the two hour chip

01/09. GeneSeek provides DNA testing for U.S. mad cow case

01/08. New Test Could Speed Up BSE Detection

01/08. FEATURE-New machine bodes death for mad cow proteins

01/07. Warnex E. coli O157 food safety test gets CIFA approval


01/06. GeneThera, Inc.: Commercial introduction of live blood test for mad cow disease

01/06. Enzyme fully degrades mad cow disease prion

01/05. New E.coli tests on the cards

01/04. NordVal approval for RAPID' L. mono Listeria Agar, without c

01/03. Company working on rapid test for mad cow

01/02. Blue Light, Red Light