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12/20. Washing and Sanitizing Techniques Aim To Make Produce Safer

12/20. Scientists find ways to crack bacteria barrier

12/15. Immunosensors Put the Speed in Rapid Pathogen Detection

12/15. Cold plasma devices developed to kill food pathogens

12/15. UW Scientists Use Technology to Tackle Food-Borne Illnesses

12/15. Wireless system monitors food safety via the Internet

12/14. Rapidchek(TM) Listeria product by an international ready-to-


12/12. FDA Clearance for Idaho's Anthrax Detection Assay

12/12. Study Shows Soleris™ System Matches Plating Methods

11/28. Improved identification of Listeria spp

11/28. Biophage announces capability to detect toxic cyanobacteria

11/28. bioMérieux Offers Fast Reliable Detection of E.coli O157

11/28. Oxoid Extends Range for Detecting MRSA with Staphaurex Plus

11/23. Taking temperatures with self-adhesive labels

11/22. Quality Control Organisms for Water Testing

11/22. S. Korean Company Develops Fast Food-Poisoning Bacteria Detector


11/22. USDA-FSIS Adopts Bax® System for E.coli O157 Testing


11/18. Hologram system provides method for food safety, authenticity

11/17. Dupont Qualicon and Handylab to develop new products for fas

11/16. Natural Substance Reduces Campylobacter in Chickens

11/16. Dupont helps United States improve food safety

11/14. BBL™ CHROMagar™ O157 - Receives AOAC™-RI Approval!

11/14. BBL™ CHROMagar™ Staph aureus - Receives AOAC™-RI Approval

11/14. A One-Step, 30-hour Listeria Enrichment Medium


11/10. New pathogen testing targets speedier results

11/08. Anti-microbaterial pens make an entrance in food sector

11/07. Veggie crisp and clean; produce sanitation wash, new and improved

11/03. Neogen Launches One-Step, 30-Hour Listeria Enrichment Medium

11/02. Pall prion removal technology presented to FDA

10/31. BBL CHROMagar O157 - Receives AOAC™-RI Approval!

10/27. New RAPID 3-D™ test leads the way helping “Dairy-free” labelling

10/26. New culture medium to fight salmonella war

10/24. Morinaga Upgraded Food Allergen Detection Kit Designated by Government

10/24. New Selective Medium for Improved Detection of Salmonella


10/19. Portable analyser measures gas in meat packages

10/17. Low-Cost Air Sampler Could Help Poultry Farmers

10/17. PARSEC™ Streamlines ELISA Testing

10/11. Protein binding to be used in pathogen detecting chip

10/11. Cranberry and oregano make seafood safe to eat

10/04. Rapid Identification of C. difficile from Culture

10/04. Oxygen-scavenging PET brings clarity to market

10/04. The CIAA Acrylamide “Toolbox” (PDF File)

10/04. CIAA acrylamide “toolbox”


10/03. EBI Food Safety's Bacteriophages are Safe for Control of Listeria

10/03. Bacteriophages: Viral hit squads target food pathogens

09/29. High-Quality Insurance

09/29. The INS and Outs Off Post-Packaging Pasteurization

09/29. EBI Food Safety's Bacteriophages are Safe for Control of Listeria

09/29. Bacteria Beam Cuts Factory-borne Food Poisoning

09/27. Kiwi allergy concern drives new test methods

09/26. Infrared used to instantly detect bacteria

09/26. Activ8 the First Non-Toxic Combined Cleaner and Disinfectant

09/26. CCFRA Evaluation of New FastAK™ Pathogen Test


09/23. Aloe vera developed as natural preservative

09/22. Food labs test equipment for allergens

09/22. Oxoid Offers New Test for Clostridium Difficile Toxins A and B

09/22. New Tools Used to Control Hepatitis A Outbreaks Related to Green Onions

09/20. Biosense develops new shellfish toxin tester

09/19. Combined testing methods may rapidly detect hepatitis A

09/19. Eiken Chemical to Release LAMP-based Listeria Monocyogenes Reagent Test Kit

09/19. Turkey Processor to Adopt Acknowledged Intervent Ozone Technology

09/19. RapiTECT GN™ for Rapid, Detection of Gram Negatives

09/19. Aerotech P&K for Noroviruses and Hepatitis A PCR Testing


09/15. Temperature sensor uses Internet to send alarm

09/15. Aerotech adds new detection kits for noroviruses

09/14. Lab-on-a-chip detects bacterial infections

09/14. Preservation methods to cut bacteria gossip

09/12. Ultra-rapid and Specific Detection of Beer Spoiling Bacteria

09/12. Rapid Salmonella Confirmation and Screening From Selective Agar

09/09. Temperature probe provides safety record

09/08. Lab developing food authentication test methods


09/06. Green tea, grape seed ... and chicken?

09/06. RapidPak Will Debut New Pasteurization Technology At Worldwide Food Expo

09/06. AirOcare Air Purification Units Now Available Worldwide

09/06. Neogen Adds Tests for Soy Flour to Food Allergen Product Line

09/02. New method rapidly detects potential bioterrorism agent

09/02. Household based treatment of drinking water with flocculant-disinfectant

09/01. System drastically cuts down botulism detection time

08/31. Alaska Presents fastrAK To International Food Industry

08/31. Amplification Step May Lead to Blood Test for Prions

08/31. New BSE test could calm fears over beef safety


08/30. Smallest dust monitor takes the stage

08/29. Mad cow’ proteins successfully detected in blood

08/29. Rapid Test for Campylobacter from Don Whitley

08/29. A Complete Range for the Detection of Listeria


08/24. Beneficial Bacteria leads to Cleaner Chickens

08/24. Research and Markets : New Biosensors for Microbiological Analysis of Food

08/24. BBL™ CHROMagar™ Listeria Receives AOAC™ Certification

08/24. Wolf-Tec, Inc. To Market Intervent Technology for Safer Food Products

08/24. Danisco invests in diagnostic tools to fight food contamination


08/23. GIPSA Verifies Romer Labs AgraStrip Total Aflatoxin Test Kit

08/23. New Approved Compound for Salmonella Reduction in Poultry Processing

08/23. Poultry antimicrobial eliminates need for chlorine

08/22. Envisio™ System for E Coli O157:H7 in Raw Beef

08/22. USDA Approval for ROSA® Aflatoxin (Quantitative) Test Kit

08/22. Study Shows Envisio™ System More Sensitive than Other Rapid Methods

08/22. New Soleris™ Connectivity Software Brings Advanced Networking Capability


08/16. Knock-Out Technologies Submits Its Big Six Plus Germicidal Formula to the EPA

08/15. USDA GIPSA Approves New Aflatoxin Testing Technology

08/15. Two New Tests for Campylobacter and 24 Hr Listeria

08/12. Technique detects wide array of pathogens

08/12. Warnex launches two novel tests for Campylobacter and 24-hour Listeria

08/12. Kit detects Salmonella faster, company claims

08/11. New water treatment process hailed as more efficient

08/11. UMass Amherst Researchers Develop Technique To Screen For Live Bacteria

08/09. Japanese wonder

08/09. Control/Monitoring Systems facilitate HACCP compliance


08/08. New BAX® Assay for Poultry Rinses Detects C. jejuni and C. coli

08/08. AFNOR Approves Oxoid Salmonella Rapid Test

08/08. Swab Range on Display at IAFP Meeting 14-16th August

08/05. Bioinformatics may isolate food allergy proteins

08/05. Innovative Biosensors Receives Grant to Develop Rapid Sensitive Test for BSE

08/04. Raw milk concerns push demand for detection

08/04. Plasmas Destroy Mad Cow Disease Particles

08/04. Orchard View Farms Selects Novazone to Provide Fresh and Safe Cherries

08/04. Ozone eliminates chemical food cleaners


08/03. Air quality: getting the right flow

08/03. New cleaning process reduces hospital risk of vCJD

08/03. It's the yeast they could do

08/02. New BAX® system helps reduce public health risk associated with Campylobacter

08/02. Ozone Comes of Age: Chemical Free Technology in the UK

08/02. New Bacteria Screening Technique May Aid Food Safety

08/01. BBL™ CHROMagar™ Listeria Listeria Medium Receives AOAC-RI Approval

07/26. High recovery ZENON membrane technology chosen for municipal water treatment

07/26. Nano detector fingers pathogens

07/25. Researchers field test new plastic detector


07/22. Rigid container boasts tamper-proof seal

07/22. Avure's high pressure system speeds up process


07/21. Pooling method offers cost savings for food labs

07/18. Natural pasteurization reaches the U.S. market

07/18. New Technique Rapidly Detects Illness-Causing Bacteria

07/18. Neogen Obtains USDA GIPSA Approval, Launches New Aflatoxin Test

07/18. New test detects pathogens in minutes

07/18. Research and Markets: Mycotoxins in Food: Detection and Control

07/18. Air Monitoring: Multiple Samples Mean More Reliable Results


07/15. Tamper Evident Banding Expands Into Produce Market

07/13. New USDA machine can ID bacteria within a day

07/13. Rotary aseptic filler packages low-acid drinks

07/13. New Test Leaves Fewer Places for Bad Bugs to Hide

07/11. ATP Rapid Hygiene Test with Room Temperature Stability

07/08. Adlyfe Develops Blood Test to Detect Mad Cow Disease

07/08. Company Develops Blood Test to Provide Effective Way to Detect Mad Cow


07/07. Charm Sciences and Ecolab Launch the Next Generation in ATP Hygiene Technology

07/06. Tester detects heat exchanger cracks in minutes

07/06. New test cuts sudan risk in food chain

07/06. Eiken Chemical to Launch LAMP-based Escherichia Coli O157 Reagent Test Kit

07/05. The NFL develops Sudan Red test

07/05. Scientists develop fast bacteria detector

07/05. Virkon® in NEW Tablet Form for One Step Cleaning and Disinfecting

07/05. Cheese Manufacturer has Validated Warnex™ Pathogen System

07/05. SmartBeads™ Standardise In-House Developed Assays


06/28. Cleaning wash approved for fruit and vegetables

06/28. New biosensor designed for poultry industry

06/28. Computer Pathogen Models Over Predict Numbers

06/28. CMMAS Approval For Oxoid Listeria Identification System

06/23. Equipment cleaning system uses ozone gas

06/22. Keeping produce fresher for longer

06/22. A new post-lethality treatment to control Listeria in ready-to-eat foods

06/21. Electronic Sensor smells a new market in food sector


06/20. AOAC-RI Certifies BAX® E. coli O157:H7

06/20. First DNA-based Rapid Tests for E coli O157:H7

06/20. Lab Guide: Air Samplers for Critical Zones

06/17. New Generation BSE test approved by CFIA

06/17. BAX® system multiplex assay for detecting E. coli O157:H7 certified by AOAC-RI

06/17. CANADA: World's first live cattle diagnostic test for BSE

06/17. Cattle Alert: World's First Live Cattle Diagnostic Test for BSE

06/17. Tasker expands use of its anti-pathogen technology

06/15. Color coded pathogens offer safer food formulation



06/14. FreshFx - A New Safe Antimicrobial Treatment for Poultry Processing By SteriFx, Inc.

06/14. Rapid Detection Of Salmonella From Grocery Ready To Eat Foods

06/09. Joint venture for the development of mad cow disease diagnostics

06/08. Shampoo detergent added to paint makes surfaces self-sterilizing

06/07. Fungus could make peanuts less allergenic

06/07. Fermentation method cuts peanut allergens?

06/07. BSU professor says spice aromas kill bacteria

06/07. Produce Safety and Security Int'l, Inc. Announces Successful Ozone Air Unit

06/07. Use of high hydrostatic pressure to inactivate Hepatitis A virus in oysters studied

06/07. Study of high-pressure process to inactivate Norwalk virus underway


06/03. New lactic acid product helps sausage makers fight listeria

06/02. Chr. Hansen develops Listeria battler

05/31. MDS Diagnostic Services Uses Vitek® 2 to Fully Automate Labs

05/31. bioMerieux Takes Innovation on the Road With 50-City Bus Tour

05/31. Gram Staining Got You Blue? Endosafe-PTS Gram ID at ASM 2005

05/31. New AES Sampl'Air for Accurate, Traceable Air Monitoring

05/31. Advanced Diagnostic Technology from DuPont Qualicon at ASM

05/26. Biotrace launches two new allergen testing kits

05/26. FreshFx - Highly Effective Against Salmonella in Poultry Processing


05/23. Sensititre® Automated System Accurately Detects VRSA

05/23. AFNOR Approval for RAPID'Staph  24 Hour Results

05/23. Purified Water Monitoring Using the RBD 3000

05/23. New Tecra® UNIQUE™ for Campylobacter Results FAST

05/23. Rapid, Selective Separation of Legionella From Water Samples

05/20. Ecolab Offers New Solid Sanitizer for Foodservice Floor Drains

05/20. Emergency Filtration Products Reports Results of Nanoparticle Testing

05/20. BBL™ CHROMagar™ for Salmonella Receives AOAC-RI Approval

05/20. AOAC Approve Pathatrix Pooling for Salmonella and Listeria


05/19. Technology Round Up: Innovations in Microbial Interventions

05/16. Lab Guide: Counting Techniques in Microbiology

05/16. DuPont Qualicon to Market Strategic Diagnostic Products

05/16. International Quantitative Bacterial Reference Material for ISO Labs

05/13. Catalytic reaction zaps bacteria

05/11. Soleris(TM) System matches accuracy of conventional microbial test method

05/11. MDS Nordion introduces new Quadura food irradiation system


05/10. Food Service Industry Is Target Market For Patented Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitizer

05/03. Soleris™ Technology sets new standard in determining the shelf-life of milk

05/03. Thailand: Inexpensive Aflatoxin Test Kit Developed by Dept. of Agriculture

05/02. New Security Labels Ensure Sample/Specimen Integrity

05/02. Oxoid Extends Range of Rapid Identification Tests

05/02. Patent Granted for Novel MRSA Biocide

04/29. Steam Pasteurizer processes delicate items

04/26. Lock claims detectors offer 30% higher sensitivity

04/20. Biophage Announces New Development Breakthrough in its Biosensors Technology

04/20. University Captures Video of Ozone Destroying E. coli with VeriPure Technology


04/19. Alaska Excites Attendees At US Rapid Methods Symposium

04/19. Chronix Biomedical awarded grant for mad cow disease living test


04/18. PathAlert™ Enables Fast, Accurate Detection of Biopathogens

04/15. New E. coli detection method provides better results, fewer false positives

04/15. Oxoid promises quick and cost-effective food analysis

04/14. TSO3 Ozone Sterilizer to be tested by UK Government for ability to deactivate prions

04/14. Ecolab's New Quat Sanitizer Offers Broad Sanitizing Concentration

04/14. New UHF tags promise safer food supply chain


04/12. STAY SAFE with Power-ProtexionTM by Impextraco

04/11. New test to slash patulin risk to fruit

04/11. New Medium for Vibrio Cholerae and Other Vibrio sp. in Clinical Samples

04/06. Testing device for unapproved GM seed

04/06. New Germicidal Product Passes Efficacy Test for Eradicating Bird Flu Virus

04/04. GEA unveils third generation filtration technology

04/04. DENMARK: Danisco introduces antimicrobial for deli salads

04/04. Illinois Scientist Developing New Weapons in Food-Safety Arsenal

04/04. A New Generation in Automated Plate Counting

04/01. New miniaturised chip dramatically reduces time taken for DNA analysis


03/31. Researchers use semen to fight campylobacter in turkeys

03/31. BioDtech unveils new products

03/31. Nymox NXC-4720 Product Can Substantially Reduce E. Coli O157:H7 Meat Contamination

03/30. Shell lubricant offers canners cleaner sealing

03/30. Squeezed food stays fresh longer

03/30. USDA/FSIS Acknowledges Intervent UV Light Belt Sanitizer for Controlling Listeria

03/30. Produce Safety and Security International, Inc. Expands the Use of the Spherequats 6400

03/28. Testing Times for E.coli O157:H7

03/28. AFNOR Approval for RAPID'Staph  24 Hour Results

03/28. BioDtech Launches Endotoxin Research Products


03/23. Lock detector offers full traceability functionality

03/23. Listeria detection system receives approval

03/21. Ensuring Salmonella-Free Products With the BAX System

03/21. Development of an Internal QA Scheme Using Microbank Beads

03/18. Pall Prion Removal Technology presented to FDA blood products advisory committee

03/17. Toxin Alert Inc. awarded seventh U.S. patent

03/17. DuPont Qualicon BAX® system for detecting listeria receives AOAC-RI certification

03/14. Avery Dennison introduces TT Sensor(TM) time-temperature indicator labels

03/14. FDA Allows Use of Radically Different Food Safety Product For Produce

03/09. Centrus International introduces Soleris™ and Envisio™ microbial testing systems


03/07. Fast mad cow test for live cattle in works

03/07. New Oxoid Medium for Vibrio cholerae and Other Vibrios

03/07. New Easy Open Sterile Sample Bags

03/07. Rapid E. coli/coliform Testing in Water with Readycult®

03/03. Buhler to unveil advances in nanotechnology

03/01. Biotrace makes microbial testing in food sector easier

03/01. SteriFx Announces Efficacy of FreshFx Antimicrobial Against C. jejuni

03/01. Flowserve Worcester Specialty Valves Provide Critical Food Service Process Control

03/01. Unique Autotype Film with Anti-Microbial Properties

03/01. Could Common Scents Snuff Out the Superbug?


02/28. 15 Minute Prion Inactivation Detergent Available Today

02/28. Company files patent applications for BSE blood test

02/28. Microsart e.motion - Automated Filter Dispenser

02/28. EZ-CFU™ One Step Challenge Testing Organisms

02/28. Analysis of Multiple Bacterial Species in a Single Sample

02/28. Beer Yeast Counting With the NucleoCounter® YC-100

02/28. Delhaize Chooses Biotrace Pro-tect® for its Belgium Stores

02/28. Compact Dry – Easy Test Method for Counting in Food

02/28. Introducing Soleris™ and Envisio™ Microbial Testing Systems

02/28. CRL Automated Gram Stain Results in 3 Minutes

02/28. New Oxoid Medium for Vibrio cholerae and Other Vibrios

02/28. BBL™ CHROMagar Salmonella for Food



02/21. EZ-CFU™ One Step Challenge Testing Organisms

02/21. Canada's Largest Dairy Cooperative Uses Genevision®

02/21. Aqua Screen® Water Test System for Rapid Legionella Detection


02/18. Miniaturized lab permits saliva screening on the go

02/18. Antibacterial sealers developed from innovative new compound


02/18. High-pressure process helps keep food bacteria-free

02/17. UV technology lights the way

02/17. Intralox unveils sanitation-conscious conveyor belt

02/14. Lock launches super-sensitive metal detectors

02/14. Monitoring the Quality of Drinking Water - Nutrient Pad Sets

02/04. Piece of wood is key to beating superbug

02/01. Biosensors can help stem spread of infectious diseases after disasters


01/31. Bioniche to submit additional safety data for its E. coli vaccine

01/31. BD Difco™ & BBL™ Dehydrated Culture Media

01/28. Wiener recall completed: Internal testing discovered initial problem

01/28. Thermo expands range of contamination service

01/25. Innovative Biosensors Inc. rapid-detection system

01/25. New anti-microbial sealing rings

01/24. Data Merging and Updated Database for DuPont Qualicon RiboPrinter® System

01/21. Lock ups companies metal detection capabilities

01/21. Thermo improves Oxford Biosensor packaging

01/19. ANU develops earthy water purifier


01/18. New Oxoid Medium Speeds Up Listeria Enrichment

01/18. Chromogenic Media: The Technology is in the Media

01/18. Innovative Biosensors, Inc. Launches Ultra-Sensitive E.coli O157 Test

01/18. BBL™ CHROMagar™ O157 For the Rapid Detection of E. coli O157 From Food

01/13. Controlling Food Allergens in the Plant

01/13. New broth slices day away from listeria testing

01/12. Outbreak Generates Interest in Rapid Test for BSE

01/12. Thorntons installs detector to increase reliability

01/12. New dairy quality instrument introduced

01/12. Shell's food safe synthetic lubricants


01/11. Rapid detection of food pathogens, new technology

01/11. Belfast company make food safety breakthrough

01/10. New rapid test for E. coli O157:H7

01/10. FDA Clearance of Simplified MRSA Test

01/10. Rapid One-Step Qualitative Test for H.pylori Antigens in Stools

01/10. bioMérieux Presents VIDIA® a New Automated Immunoanalyser

01/07. Scientists firm up kits to detect food pathogens

01/06. New Detection Methods Improve Food Safety

01/05. Device to cut airborne dust enters market