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12/19. Researchers study electrolyzed water as pathogen killer

12/19. Professors to develop hand-held pathogen testing device


12/18. A quicker E. coli test developed at Drexel

12/18. Range for Growth and Identification of Anaerobes

12/18. Rapid Identification of Salmonella and Other Food-Borne Bacteria

12/12. MAGDA™ and Salmonella TAG 24 for 24 Hour Salmonella Results

12/12. New MicroBioLogics® Online System Can Create Your CoA 24/7

12/12. Connectivity Completes Automation of Microbiological Testing

11/30. New testing reveals salmonella in 24 hours

11/28. PDSC: Annoucnes Cost Effective Food Safe Ozone Process

11/28. Purified Carts Influence Where Consumers Will Shop Most Ofte


11/27. MMGA - New Complete Medium for Resuscitation of E.coli

11/27. ALOA® OneDay - ALOA Count® - ALOA Confirmation® - for L.monocytogenes

11/27. Extensive ELISA Range for Enteric Pathogens

11/22. MAP packaging ensures fresh bread

11/22. Decontamination method reduces chemical use

11/21. Lactoferrin Deals Another Blow to Pathogen

11/20. New Identification Scheme for Anaerobes


11/16. Purac introduces new antimicrobial vinegar

11/16. Edible Food Wrap Kills Deadly E. Coli Bacteria


11/15. 'Nanorust' Cleans Arsenic From Drinking Water

11/15. NanoSensors Tests Initial Prototype of Product to Detect E-C

11/15. Polymeric coatings that inactivate both influenza virus and

11/14. New System Kills 99+% of Bacteria on Shopping Carts

11/14. Polymer-spiked surfaces eliminate flu virus and bacteria

11/13. TEMPO® EB, Automated Entero Enumeration and Confirmation

11/13. Clean-Trace® Shines at Microbial Detection

11/13. New thermometer scans food surfaces for critical readings

11/13. 'Nanorust' cleans arsenic from drinking water

11/13. U of Illinois scientist helping processors keep E. coli out

11/13. Mint additive could extend shelf life of meat products


10/31. EnviroLogix QuickTox(TM) Kit for Aflatoxin at 10 ppb Receive

10/31. Vitiva launches rosemary-based antioxidant range

10/31. E-beam eliminates E. coli in ground beef, researchers say

10/31. Microwave pre-cooking of French fries reduces cancer chemica

10/31. Ozonia tip of the month: Ozone and food safety

10/30. Apple washes show promise as antimicrobials

10/30. Microgen Listeria ID Receives CMMAS Approval

10/30. QuickTox™ Kit for Aflatoxin, Now Available with a 10 ppb Cutoff

10/20. NSF Study Supports Use of Neogen's Soleris(TM) Microbial Test System

10/19. GIPSA Verifies Performance of EnviroLogix QuickTox Kit to Detect Aflatoxin in Corn

10/19. Phage product found effective against Listeria


10/16. Purdue research finds ways to keep food supply safer

10/16. MATRIX MicroScience Launch the Pathatrix-ULTRA

10/16. A Revolutionary New Tool for Fully Automated Colony Counting

10/13. Clean-Trace system tops hygiene tester study

10/13. X-ray system detects tiny contaminants

10/13. Salmonella test approved for poultry plants

10/09. Easy to clean chocolate machine cuts hygiene risks

10/09. Technologies detect and eradicate food-borne pathogens

10/09. Researchers develop technologies to devour food pathogens

10/09. Merck's Guide to Microbial Examination of Water


10/04. Warnex receives NPIP approval for Salmonella test

10/02. Effective Solutions for Isolation and Concentration of E.coli O157

10/02. Novel and Rapid Method for E.sakazakii in Infant Feeds

09/29. Method provides faster shelf life indication for milk, resea

09/27. Thermo’s New Environmental And Food Safety Productivity

09/26. PDSC announces solution can prevent Ecoli

09/26. Vaccine May Eliminate E. Coli in Cattle

09/26. Killing E. Coli

09/26. Researcher develops sensor to detect E. coli


09/25. Rosemary packaging extends meat shelf life

09/25. New Oxoid Chromogenic Listeria Agar Meets ISO

09/25. Concentration and Isolation of Salmonella Serovars B-Z.

09/25. Vision Salmonella Slide Agglutination Sera - "The Bakers Dozen"

09/25. Lab M Culture Media for Clostridium difficile

09/22. Vinyl work gloves get metal detector treatment

09/22. Biophage anti-bacterial food safety solution for E.coli cont

09/21. MRSA defeated by city's steam cleaner

09/21. FIT fruit and vegetable wash can be used as a "kill step"



09/14. Gamma ray can kill bacteria in powdered milk: scientists

09/13. International Paper Introduces A Food Safety Tracking Featur

09/11. CU biodegradable wipe would quickly detect biohazards, from

09/11. Plant extracts beat synthetics as meat preservatives, says s

09/11. Lab M Solutions for Rapid, Sensitive Isolation of E. coli O157

09/11. Encyclopedia of Rapid Microbiological Methods Now Available

09/11. Northrop Grumman: Development of Handheld Bioagent Identifier

09/07. Water Filtration Technique Removes Dangerous Freshwater Alga

09/07. Engineers develop detector for mad cow, other prion diseases


09/06. Lupin detection made easier

09/05. Tasting robot could be next generation quality and safety to

08/30. Charm Sciences ROSA Qual P/N Aflatoxin Test Gains USDA Appro

08/30. Combination treatment produces ultrapure water

08/29. Nanocantilevers studied for quick pathogen detection

08/29. Membrane filtration technology getting cheaper, study finds

08/29. Antimicrobial coating reduces irradiation time, study finds

08/28. Fast-tracking detection of a tropical killer: Leptospira

08/25. Water filtration technique removes dangerous freshwater alga

08/22. Washing out the hospital bugs danger


08/21. BBL™ CHROMagar™ Salmonella Medium Receives AOAC-RI Approval

08/21. Oxoid Extends Range of Rapid Tests for Salmonella

08/21. Encyclopedia of Rapid Microbiological Methods Now Available

08/21. FDA OK's Bacteriophages to Reduce L.monocytogenes

08/21. RapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella Receives AOAC RI Approval

08/21. Mass Spectrometry for Species or Strain Identification - A Review

08/18. Instant, portable, simultaneous pathogen inspection

08/18. FDA Says Viruses Safe for Treating Meat

08/17. Oyster Processors Use New Technology To Keep Consumers, Indu

08/17. Sensitive salmonella detection

08/17. Chitan protects cooked beef, other meats


08/16. New automated microbial testing system offered

08/16. Stripy nanowires have been developed as a platform for the s

08/16. Automated QC Testing and Reporting for Kirby Bauer Tests

08/15. Powerful New Tool to Zero in on Listeria from 3M Microbiology

08/11. More Sensitive, Quicker Test Developed for Cholera and Botul

08/11. Neogen's new 24-hour Listeria protocol receives AOAC approva

0809. Sumac increases poultry shelf life, reduce pathogens

0809. SDI's RapidChek SELECT Salmonella Product Approved By AOAC

0803. GIPSA Renews Vicam AflaTest Kit to Detect Aflatoxin in Corn

0803. LYSOL(R) Launches Food Surface Sanitizer

0803. FDA Publishes Study on Distinguishing Potential Hoax Materials from Bioterror Agents


07/31. RAPID’E.coli 2™ Agar Granted AOAC RI Approval

07/28. Laser system offers cheaper, faster pathogen detection

07/27. New low-cost system quickly detects bacteria

07/27. 3M™ PetrifilmStaph Express System

07/26. Carbon monoxide meat packaging system offers key food safety

07/24. Detecting Viable Microbiological Contaminants in Compressed Air

07/24. Automatically Generate Up to 200 Growth Curves at a Time

07/24. FDA Approval for First Portable Endotoxin Test System

07/24. Evaluation of RapidChek SELECT™ Salmonella Test Method

07/24. Eurofins Now Offers Norovirus Testing


07/21. Edmonton company boasts cheap BSE test

07/21. Copper better than stainless steel for food safety, scientis

07/21. Cambridge technology to make light work of food poisoning

07/20. Detecting MRSAin the Veterinary Setting

07/20. Molecular methods for detecting food borne pathogens replaci

07/20. Oxygen, CO2 mix reduces spoilage

07/20. SDI provides update on its new rapidchek SELECT(TM) Salmonel

07/14. Making Fresh-Cut Apples Convenient and Safe


07/11. Entry-level X-ray inspection system targets food sector

07/10. New test may offer easier detection of BSE, vCJD

07/10. Amick Farms Adopts Cutting-Edge Pathogen Detection Technolog

07/10. Presymptomatic detection of prions in blood

07/10. NRS™ Transwab® for Residual Contamination on Disinfected Surfaces

07/10. New Guide Rapid Microbiology Methods for Food

07/10. Standardized Realtime PCR detection of Aspergillus DNA

07/07. Rosemary may protect flavour in convenience meats

07/07. KSU Working on Sensor-Based System to Monitor Livestock Herd

07/07. Blue conveyor belt targeted at food processing market


07/06. High-Tech Packaging Keeps Cut Produce Fresh

07/05. Prof makes seed decontamination breakthrough

07/03. New RAPID'L.mono: Easy Detection of Listeria spp. in 24hr

07/03. Microgen Kits Gain FDA Registration

06/30. Infrared sterilisation provides controlled heat, company cla

06/30. Will Pasteurization Become A Bit Passe?

06/29. "Green" Catalyst Takes on Hormones in Wastewater

06/26. Microgen Kits Gain FDA Registration

06/26. Are Your Cleaning Procedures Removing Allergens?


06/23. Euro Food Safety Authority restates its on-going strategy

06/23. Sensor companies create temperature monitoring system

06/22. Amorfix announces prion detection in spiked human blood

06/22. You scream, I scream…there’s something in my ice cream!

06/21. Extended Shelf-Life and Sanitation for the Seafood Industry

06/19. The Formalintec - Portable Unit for Sterilizing Premises
06/16. Copper may help against E. Coli

06/16. Dairy by-product offers natural preserving alternative to chlorine

06/16. Copper may help against E. Coli


06/15. Company Develops Aflatoxin Test for Distillers Grain

06/12. bioMérieux CampyFood ID, Campylobacter Detection Made Easy

06/12. AOAC-RI Approval for Quantitative Campylobacter Test

06/12. Two Industry Awards for Web-Based Off-the-Shelf LIMS

06/12. EVIGENE™ 3 Hour Detection of Gene Markers in MRSA

06/12. Pathogen ID System for Development of Real Time PCR

06/09. The ozone layer that can kill superbugs

06/08. Portable unit decontaminates area using UVC rays

06/08. EAU Technologies Inc. Completes full line test in major poultry

06/07. Kit speeds up yeasts, moulds testing


06/06. Campylobacter test speeds up detection process

06/05. bioMérieux CampyFood ID, Campylobacter Detection Made Easy
06/05. New Centre for Developing Pathogen Diagnostics

06/02. Test identifies Campylobacter through colour

06/01. Software automates food contaminant detection

06/01. Pilot machine produced for rapid shake sterilisation process

06/01. New on-site gluten test targets specialty food firms

06/01. Warnex Receives AOAC-RI Validation for Quantitative Campylobacter

06/01. Produce Safety's New Generation Ozone Food Safety Process

06/01. A facelift for filters: Researchers to put enzyme components


05/30. Packaging coating keeps bugs away

05/30. New instant Salmonella and E. coli tests available

05/30. How to Choose a Rapid Microbiology System

05/25. 'Carcass-to-cut' software tracks meat

05/24. Bio-Rad’s RAPID’E. coli 2TM Agar Granted Performance Tested Method Status by AOAC Research Institute

05/24. Novel Antimicrobials Protect Against Mastitis-Causing Bacteria

05/19. U of G food scientist finds effective way to clean produce

05/19. Bacteriophages used to detect pathogens

05/19. Biosensor uses nanotechnology to spot the right smell


05/18. Introducing bactiflow ALS – Automated Labeling System

05/18. Rapid Microbiological Assessment of UHT and ESL Products
05/18. Phage Technology to be Used in New Food Pathogen Assays
05/14. Advaxis Continues Advancement of Two Listeria Vaccines Targe

05/11. Consumers Encouraged to Think "Food Safety" During

05/11. Scientists study nature's toolbox to identify Salmonella

05/10. New hope over food poisoning

05/10. New treatment for food poisoning

05/10. Tracking How Pathogens Emerge within the Food Industry


05/09. New Sanitation and Disinfection Process for Container Shipment

05/08. New AFNOR Validated Confirmation Method for L. monocytogenes

05/08. Bacteriophage Production Unit Leads in Listeria Control
Quantum Microbiology™ Next Generation Rapid Bacterial Analysis
05/05. Close the door, buy a household steamer, save on costs

05/05. Turkey Trips Don’t Aggravate Contamination

05/05. Zooming in on the Campylobacter That Would Resist Antibiotic

05/05. Water additive reduces pathogens in fruit, vegetables

05/05. KSU, EcoQuest Team to Advance Ionization for Food Safety


05/02. EBI Food Safety Commercializes Bacteriophage Technology

05/01. Plastic 'secret agent' kills superbugs

05/01. Oxoid VP Speaks at Environmental Monitoring Event
05/01. Pulsifier®

05/01. Book Your Place Oxoid Infection Control Seminar 9th May

04/28. Phages Eyed as New Way to Control Salmonella

04/27. Lactic acid mix found to eliminate food pathogens

04/27. Superbugs face instant death from Welsh product

04/25. Water Rinse Not Required When Using FreshFx(R)


04/24. FreshFx(R) Antimicrobial for Reducing Salmonella in Poultry

04/24. Tsunami 100 Water Additive To Reduce Pathogens In Fruit &

04/24. AFNOR Approved Listeria Testing in Foods
04/24. SMS® Simple Method Salmonella ISO 16140 AFNOR Validated Packaging

04/24. Advanced Analytical Technologies to Develop Portable Detection System

04/24. RAPIDYME - Salmonella ELISA Test Receives Approval

04/24. Single Solution for Water Testing
04/24. A Safe Disinfectant Shown Effective Against Bird Flu

04/21. Treatment reduces pathogens in meat

04/21. Researchers Design Antimicrobial, Technique to Watch It

04/20. Probiotic culture tested against poultry pathogens


04/18. Carbon infrared sterilisers designed for bakery equipment

04/18. Health: Food Quality Sensors

04/17. Startup's machine turns tap water into cleanser

04/17. More sensitive, quicker test developed for cholera and botulism


04/12. Purac launches food safety ingredient in powder form

04/10. VIDAS® LDUO New Proactive Solution for Listeria
04/10. Agglutinating Sera for Presumptive Identification

04/07. Researchers use mass spectrometry to detect norovirus particles

04/06. Kronos Completes First Milestone for Air Purification Device


04/04. Eiken Chem to Release LAMP-based Camplybacter Reagent Test

04/04. NanoDynamics Commercializing Nanosilver for Healthcare

04/04. UGA scientists find new way to battle listeria in plant floors

04/04. Wilsonbatiz deploys Novazone's Cold Storage Solution

04/03. Salmonella kit delivers results in under a day

04/03. Scientists explore pathogen killing methods without heat

04/03. Penn State rdeveloping nonthermal ways to kill pathogens

04/03. Ultra Rapid Control of Beverages
04/03. Agglutinating Sera for Presumptive Identification
04/03. Salmonella Detection Under 22 Hours


03/31. Quantum Dot Method Rapidly Identifies Bacteria

03/27. Rochester scientists develop fast-working biosensor

03/27. Method Extracts Noroviruses from Oysters

03/27. Detecting Low Level Microbial Contamination

03/27. Listeria Chromogenic Agar - ISO 11290 Specified

03/24. Canada Adopts Method to Extract Noroviruses from Oysters

03/23. FreshFx(R) Use at the Picker Decreases Salmonella in Poultry

03/23. Prediction and Prevention of the Formation of Mycotoxins


03/21. New Technique Rapidly Detects Harmful Bacteria


03/20. Detecting Low Level Microbial Contamination

03/20. Looxster Sample Preparation for More Sensitive Pathogen Detection
03/17. Rapid Salmonella Test May Reduce Meat and Produce Recalls

03/17. Charm Sciences ROSA Qualitative P/N Kit for Aflatoxin

03/13. GIPSA Approves Veratox® Aflatoxin Test Kit

03/13. Bacterial Identification Using MALDI BioTyper™ system

03/10. Method used to identify pathogens from harmless microbes

03/10. New Method For Identifying Microbes

03/10. Smart label senses quality of packaged meat

03/10. Nymox NXC-4720 late stage product targets E. coli food


03/09. Blood test should detect mad cow, Alzheimer's

03/09. Rapid Detection of CA-MRSA

03/09. New Microgen™ Staph ID for Staphylococcal Identification

03/09. Service Laboratory Offers Fast Results for Food Pathogens

03/09. Air Sampling - Microbiology Results in 3 Hours

03/09. Identification of Microorganisms by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry


03/03. PakSense tests packing tag: Labels note temp every 5 min

02/28. Novel oxygen test for foods in plastic packaging

02/28. Rochester scientists develop fast-working biosensor

02/28. Identification of Microorganisms by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry

02/24. US: New smart label can detect bacteria

02/22. Tiny devices to feed advances in food safety and quality

02/22. Portable nano and micro sensors developed for food safety

02/22. Favorable Test Results of Proto Type Ozone Process


02/20. Tiny devices to feed advances in food safety and quality

02/20. Warnex first to launch quantitative PCR test for food testing

02/20. Campylobacter Test Gives Quantitative Result in 3 Hours

02/20. Vinegar increases killing power of bleach

02/16. Food Poisoning May Be Eliminated, If Commercial Kitchens

02/15. Application of Ozone Gas Process for Grain Fumigation

02/13. Hygiene Monitoring with Uni-Lite® NG now Faster and More Flexible

02/10. BioForce to Collaborate on Food Pathogen Detection


02/07. Single Tube Screen for Enteric Pathogens

02/07. Ready-to-Use, Diagnostic Slide Culture System for Identifying Fungi

02/07. BactiFlow® Real-time Microbial Analysis with Digital Flow Cytometry

02/07. Eubacteria Detection in Cell Cultures with Onar®EUB

02/02. Purac ingredient range tackles Listeria threat

02/02. Handheld sensor detects pathogens within 10 minutes

02/01. ALDA Pharmaceuticals develops powerful new hand sanitizer

02/01. Industrial steamer zaps bacteria dead

02/01. Bacteria-killing water replaces chemical cleaners


01/30. A better way to clean milking equipment

01/30. BactiFlow® Real-time Microbial Analysis with Digital Flow Cytometry

01/23. New test means safe oysters

01/23. AFNOR Approval of RAPID'Salmonella: 48 hr Test

01/19. Toxin Alert Inc. obtains approval for Toxin Guard(TM) in Can

01/19. Nymox NXC-4720 product in development for E. coli O157:H7

01/12. Kronos Air Purification Technology Completely Decontaminates

01/09. ROSA Aflatoxin Test Approved for 16 Commodities

01/05. Sensor sniffs gases on meat to determine freshness


01/04. Pathogen tester speeds up process of detecting contamination

01/03. Microbiological Media in a Stand Up "Hands Free" Bag!

01/03. Anachem - The Future for Filtration in the Food Industry

01/03. Easier to Use Isolate™ for Improved Cryptosporidium Results

01/02. Integrity Nutraceuticals Expands Microbiology Detection Capa

01/02. Studies find irradiation suitable for cilantro, sprouts

01/02. Tech's IMT to develop food safety bio-sensors

01/01. Pasteurizing fruit? It could help fight salmonella

01/01. BioDetection can cut testing time