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06/30. Alabama Aquatics Park Source of E. coli Outbreak
06.30. Sally Jackson Cheese Had Two Pathogen Problems
06/30. Campylobacter Illnesses Tied to Raw Milk in Alaska
06/29. 15 Sick with E. coli O157:H7 at Opelika SportsPlex and Aquatic Center
06/28. European taskforce mobilised as E.coli 104:H4 hits France
06/28. Warning Labels for Raw Milk and Sprouts
06/28. Europe Looks at Seeds as Link to E. coli Cases
06/27. Splash Park and Aquatic Center in Opelika Linked to E. coli Illnessess
06/27. Outbreak in Inland Northwest Linked to Sprouts
06/27. Sprouts Implicated in E. coli Outbreak in France

06/24. Michigan Herd Share, Raw Milk and Q Fever don't mix well
06/24. E. coli Outbreak in Alabama Tied to Waterpark?
06/24. Death of Arizona Man Possibly Tied To German Sprouts E. coli Outbreak
06/24. As Germany Outbreak Ebbs, Questions Linger
06/23. Q&A: Dr. Robert Tauxe on the Outbreak in Germany
06/23. Tennessee Virginia E. coli O157:H7, E. coli O103 and E. coli O169 Outbreak Hits 17
06/22. Can Technology Rescue the Sprouts Industry?
06/22. Family of Ohio Salmonella Victim to File Lawsuit
06/22. Four Ill with E. coli After Visiting Animal Farm
06/22. Grade School Parent Sickens Class with Raw Milk

06/16. Longterm kidney threat in E. coli victims
06/16. German E. coli O104:H4 - 38 Dead, 824 with HUS, 3351 Ill - Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin with 5
06/15. First child death from E. coli reported in Germany

06/15. Industrial Food Production Promotes Spread Of E. Coli

06/14. Investigation Update: Outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O104 (STEC O104:H4) Infections Associated with Travel to Germany

06/14. Evidence Suggests Sprout Seeds Were Contaminated

06/13. Publisher's Platform: Warning Labels for Sprouts?

06/13. Sprouts Are the Cause, Who's to Blame?

06/13. 39 Ill from Salmonella Tainted Chicks, Ducklings

06/13. Two Clues in Germany E. coli Puzzle

06/07. Virginia Child Dies of E. coli, Brother in Tennessee Hospital
06/07. German based E. coli O104:H4 Outbreak is now second largest and most deadly in history
06/07. Toxic chemical found in foods made in Taiwan
06/07. FDA: No Recent German Sprouts to U.S.
06/07. Sprouts and Bacteria: It's the Growing Conditions
06/07. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce Still Prime Suspects

06/07. Germany E. coli Outbreak Linked to Sprouts


06/03. E. Coli O157:H7 Outbreak in Texas Panhandle
06/03. Two Deaths in Colorado Linked to Listeria
06/03. Colorado Listeria Outbreak Prompts Warning
06/03. Kids in Texas, Oklahoma Ill from E. coli O157

06/02. European E. coli O104 Outbreak Update - 16 Dead, 1,243 Sick, 400 with HUS
06/02. Confirmed E. coli Victims From German Outbreak Increases To Over 1500
06/02. Separating the Wheat from the Chaff - The reality of proving a foodborne illness case
06/01. FDA: Tiny Greens Grew Outbreak Salmonella Strain
06/01. Source of European E. coli Remains a Mystery

05/31. Toll climbs in European E. coli outbreak
05/31. Hamburg Grapples with Lethal E. coli Outbreak

05/30. Spanish Cucumbers Blamed for Outbreak in Germany

05/30. Germany E. coli Outbreak One of Largest on Record

05/30. Publisher's Platform: Rogues Gallery of Outbreaks

05/30. Salmonella Outbreak from Backyard Poultry


05/25. Salad Suspected in Illinois Salmonella Outbreak

05/25. Equine herpes virus outbreak spooks horse owners

05/25. Suspected deadly E. coli outbreak in Germany

05/24. Department of Agriculture confirms 9 cases of EHV-1 in Colorado horses

05/23. Listeria Recall - Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

05/23. $72 Million Paid to Victims of Walkerton Outbreak


05/20. Relaxation brownies are being recalled and banned across the US

05/18. Listeria recall for chives from upstate NY company‎

05/18. Grape Tomato Products Recalled for Salmonella Risk‎

05/18. Jamie Oliver restaurant 'poisoned diners'

05/18. Pig Ear Pet Treats Recalled Due to Salmonella

05/18. Outbreak of horse virus began at Utah event

05/18. Raw eggs blamed for increase in Australian salmonella cases‎

05/17. E. coli Detected in Less Than 1% of Ground Beef

05/16. Illinois Salmonella Outbreak Cases Now at 13‎

05/16. FDA to revisit hazelnut safety in wake of outbreak‎

05/16. Food Safety in the Post-Fukushima World

05/16. Mary Chiles - drinking raw milk is like playing 'Russian roulette' - even in Texas


05/13. Snoqualmie Valley Hepatitis A Outbreak

05/12. MRSA in your meat? Probably not as often as other bad bugs

05/12. Food Poisoning, Bacteria Linked to IBS

05/12. Kane County Salmonella Outbreak May Be Linked to Portillo's‎

05/11. Costco and Bravo Farms E. coli O157:H7 Raw Milk Cheese Outbreak Still Unresolved

05/11. Safeway Recalls Veggie Platters Over Tainted Tomatoes

05/11. Consumers warned to avoid eating oysters from area 1642 in Apalachicola Bay,

Florida Due to toxigenic Vibrio cholerae serogroup O75

05/11. Salmonella Linked to St. Charles Illinois Portillo's

05/09. E. coli O111 A threat Abroad and Here in U.S.

05/09. Four Deaths in E. coli O111 Outbreak in Japan

05/09. Tests confirm norovirus as cause of illness outbreak at Mitchell school

05/09. Concern Over Food-Borne Illness Listeria

05/09. China food scandals spark new safety fears‎


05/04. Video - Poisoned: The True Story of the Deadly E. coli Outbreak that Changed the Way Americans Eat

05/04. Porky Products Announces Recall of Salted Smoked Split Herring

05/04. Pig Ears for Pet Treats Announced Recall Due to Salmonella

05/03. Raley's Stores Announce Recall of Products Containing Grape Tomatoes

05/03. Drug Resistant Bacteria Found in Nation's Meat and Poultry‎

05/03. FSAI investigating Salmonella outbreak linked to duck eggs‎

05/02. Food poisoning costs the US billions of dollars a year, report says

05/02. Salmonella-Tainted Grape Tomatoes Recalled from 10 States and Canada

05/02. CDC Links Salmonella Outbreak to Lab Work

05/02. 2010-2011 Legislative Session: Raw Milk Bills and Related Legislation - Four down, Eight more to go


04/29. Outbreak of illnesses after Easter brunch investigated‎

04/29. Food poisoning costs the US billions of dollars a year, report says

04/27. FDA seeks permanent injunction against Pennsylvania dairy, Rainbow Acres Farm

04/27. Rainbow Acres distributed raw milk in violation of federal law

04/27. Milk ruled out in China illness outbreak‎

04/26. Smoked Salmon Recalled Due to Possible Listeria Contamination

04/26. Jonathan's Salmonella Sprout Recall Expanded to Include Organic

04/26. Salmonella Prompts Cucumber Recall in 9 States

04/25. Colour-changing food packaging 'could end food poisoning' by showing when fresh produce has gone off

04/25. Los Angeles Angels reliever Scott Downs (food poisoning) to DL

04/25. Wedding Feast Sickens 50 Villagers in China

04/25. Another Salmonella Recall - this time Cucumbers

04/25. Tiny frogs source of salmonella outbreak from Oregon to Massachusetts


04/21. Raw Milk Linked to Rare Salmonella Outbreak in Texas

04/21. Alfalfa Sprouts Recalled Over Salmonella

04/21. Listeria Prompts Seafood Dip, Mousse Recall

04/21. Recent outbreak of contaminated meat is nothing to worry about‎

04/21. China cracks down on latest food safety problem: tainted bean sprouts‎

04/20. Tests find 80% of chickens in Seattle-area groceries carry pathogens

04/20. The Dragon That Contaminated the Gravy

04/19. Fruit fly find sparks eradication scheme

04/19. Lawyer: DeFusco's Zeppole Salmonella Case Among Worst in 20 years

04/18. Seafood Mousses and Dips Potentially Contaminated With Listeria

04/18. Norovirus Outbreak on North Shore of Hawaii‎

04/18. Toll Rises in Rhode Island Outbreak


04/14. Tanjung Duren residents say caterpillars seasonal

04/14. DeFusco's Salmonella Tainted zeppoles now linked to 75 Illnesses with 2 Deaths

04/13. E. coli walnut recall expanded to Calgary

04/13. It is past time for the USDA/FSIS to deem "the Big Six" E. coli as adulterants

04/13. Second salmonella-associated death reported in Rhode Island

04/13. China claims nitrate milk poisoning was deliberate

04/12. Hazelnut Outbreak Affected Eight in Three States

04/12. Listeriosis outbreak in La. linked to hog head cheese

04/11. DeFranco Hazelnut E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak Hits Eight in Three States

04/11. Second Death in Rhode Island Salmonella Outbreak

04/11. Pet Frogs Sicken 217 with Salmonella Infections

04/11. Three dead in the latest Chinese milk scare‎

04/11. Second salmonella-associated death reported in Rhode Island


04/08. Alabama bacteria outbreak linked to laboratory

04/08. CDC closes the loop on Louisianna listeria outbreak

04/08. 217 Salmonella Typhimurium Illnesses in 41 States linked to African Dwarf Frogs Bred in California

04/06. Fresh Express Recalls Spinach Due to Salmonella Risk

04/06. Drug Resistant Salmonella Found in Turkey Samples

04/06. Canada E. coli Outbreak Tied to Walnuts

04/05. Ground Turkey Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in 10 States

04/05. Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed Over Rhode Island Salmonella Outbreak‎

04/05. Walnuts Recalled Because of Possible Link to E. coli Outbreak in Canada

04/05. First Salmonella Lawsuit to be Filed Against DeFusco's - 56 Ill and 9 still Hospitalized

04/04. Publisher's Platform: Salmonella Week

04/04. Zeppole-Linked Salmonella Count Climbs

04/04. Turkey Burgers Recall: Jennie-O Calls Back 55000 Pounds Of Meat

04/04. Salmonella Outbreak Traced to Pancake Breakfast


03/31. One Dead, 38 Ill from Salmonella Linked to Pastry

03/31. Attorney Bill Marler Explains DeFusco's Bakery Salmonella Zeppoles Outbreak

03/31. Calif. company recalls pizza found at Trader Joe's

03/30. Hundreds sick in food poisoning outbreak in labour camp

03/30. Organic Chickens Have Less Salmonella

03/30. E. coli Lawyer Bill Marler Explains Bologna E. coli Outbreak and Recall

03/29. Illnesses, hospitalizations increase in DeFusco's Salmonella outbreak

03/29. Melons Stand Out As Produce Safety Problem

03/29. Outbreak in Rhode Island Linked to Pastries

03/29. Del Monte Called to Pay Med Expenses in Salmonella Outbreak

03/28. Outbreak in Rhode Island Linked to Pastries

03/28. Past Salmonella Outbreaks, West Coast - Washington, Oregon, California

03/28. DeFusco's Bakery Salmonella Outbreak Hits 25

03/28. Nuts: Restoring Shaken Confidence


03/25. CDC Reports on Salmonella and E. coli Outbreaks

03/25. 14 Ill in E. coli Outbreak Tied to Beef Bologna

03/24. Botulism Fears Spur Nationwide Recall of Pickled Beets

03/24. Cantaloupes Linked to 12 Salmonella Illnesses

03/24. CDC statement on Palmyra bologna E. coli outbreak

03/23. EU Salmonella cases fall five years in a row

03/22. Are we due for a Salmonella serotype Panama Cantaloupe Outbreak?

03/22. Protein-Based Supplements Recalled Due To Possible Salmonella Contamination

03/22. Sales of Raw Milk, Spinach Halted in Japan

03/22. George Packing hazelnuts suspected in E. coli outbreak

03/21. Serrano Peppers Recalled for Potential Salmonella

03/21. Cholera epidemic kills 60 in Ghana

03/21. Cheese Factory Halts Production Due to E. coli Risk


03/17. FSIS Steps In to Lower Salmonella and Campylobacter Bacteria in Chickens and Turkeys

03/17. Listeria Small Wiener Recall

03/17. Poisoned - The True Story of the Deadly E. coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat

03/16. Rising Temperatures and Food-Borne Illnesses‎

03/16. Oak Farms Dairy milk recall

03/15. Nearly 1000 workers suffer from food poisoning in VietNam

03/15. 72 year old Oklahoma man dies of Salmonella poisoning

03/15. Explaining Gastroenteritis with food safety attorney Bill Marler

03/15. South Carolina firm recalls spaghetti and meatball entrees

03/14. More than you ever wanted to know about food poisoning, like E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter,

Botulism, etc.


03/11. Food Safety News Featured Article: Nuts! How to Crack an E. coli Case

03/10. Bologna Products Recalled Due to Possible Contamination with Staphylococcus aureus Enterotoxin

03/10. Nut Recalls unrelated to Foodborne Illness Outbreaks since 2004

03/10. Hazelnuts Confirmed as Outbreak Source

03/10. Nuts! How to Crack an E. coli Case

03/09. Botulism warning issued for watermelon jam

03/09. Teavana Corporation Voluntarily Recalls Organic Herbal Tea Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

03/09. Does Hazelnut E. coli Outbreak Extend to Canada?

03/08. Merle’s: City Was Wrong About Food Illness Outbreak Source

03/08. Secondary Infections in E. coli O157:H7 Outbreaks

03/07. New mad cow disease case in Canada noted

03/07. CDC on Hazelnuts and E. coli

03/07. DeFranco E. coli Hazelnut and Skippy Salmonella Peanut Butter Recall Announcement

03/07. Seven Ill in E. coli Outbreak Linked to Hazelnuts


03/04. Listeria Prompts Recall of Chicken and Pork Products

03/03. Western Farm Press on lingering effects of 2006 Spinach E. coli outbreak

03/03. FDA Cites Firm for Shipping Eggs From Contaminated Farm

03/03. Breast milk ice cream banned from London shop

03/02. Products recalled over concerns about broccoli

03/02. E. coli found on 50 percent of shopping carts

03/02. Salmonella Outbreak Alerted the Health Authorities

03/02. Leafy greens industry still reeling from E. coli-spinach outbreak‎

02/28. Publisher's Platform: The Outbreak Database

02/28. More Than 30 Sick After Illinois School Event

02/28. DNA Test Tracks Foodborne Illness Outbreak

02/28. Food poisoning outbreak at Merle's in Evanston, Illinois


02/24. Is Food Safer? NEJM Tells the Rest of the Story

02/24. U.S. Marshals Seize Rodent-Infested Food

02/24. Study vindicates tomatoes in 2008 salmonella outbreak

02/24. FDA greenlights test for "cruise ship" virus

02/24. FDA Approves Test to Detect Norovirus Outbreaks

02/23. Everything you always wanted to know about food poisoning but were afraid to ask

02/23. Aged cheese may contain listeria

02/23. Cases of E.coli down 50 per cent

02/23. 'More water samples had E coli in Jan'

02/21. Wales ' just one holiday away from new foot and mouth outbreak'

02/21. Warming may lead to spurt in water-borne diseases

02/21. So, What the Heck is Botulism?


02/18. Norovirus confirmed in Asheville VA patients

02/18. Final Alfalfa Sprouts Outbreak Toll: 140

02/17. Jimmy John's and Tiny Greens Salmonella serotype I 4,[5],12:i:- Tops at 140

02/16. Japan school hit by suspected food poisoning scare

02/16. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in Canadian supermarket chicken - What about the U.S.?

02/14. Thai food poisoning victim's family humbled

02/14. Lady Gaga's Secret Sickness during London Show – Food Poisoning‎

02/14. High bacteria level prompts health warning

02/14. Toronto businesses using eggs covered in fecal matter : Officials

02/14. PCA Victims Call for Charges Against Parnell


02/11. More sick in salmonella custard outbreak

02/11. Mexico warns about U.S. grown Salmonella-tainted Cilantro

02/11. One Death in Maine Salmonella Outbreak

02/09. Norovirus Outbreak Reported At Cincinnati School

02/09. Griffith Laboratories Micocin bags Health Canada approval‎

02/09. Diarrhea-causing bacteria turned into antiviral gene therapy agent

02/09. Market for sprouted foods is sprouting, breads and grains join alfalfa sprouts

02/07. Outbreak of Cholera

02/07. Taco Bell Sued Following Salmonella Outbreak

02/07. Company recalls ground beef due to possible E. coli contamination


02/01. FDA recalls Merrick product - salmonella risk for people and pets

02/01. Inspectors See Potential Problems at Sprout Farm

02/01. Food poisoning on Virgin flight

01/31. Do not eat Salmonella Cilantro

01/31. Improper Food Handling Breeds GI Outbreaks at Schools

01/31. Company Halts Sale of 'Nuclear Sludge' Candy

01/31. Feds Seize Bravo Farms Cheese Under Court Order

01/31. Fish Markets Get Botulism Warning


01/27. Researchers emphasize handwashing in schools to prevent spread of illness

01/27. Sprouts and History's Worst E. coli Outbreak

01/26. Norovirus outbreak declared over at Regina General

01/26. BC Meat Processor Drops Federal Inspection

01/26. Bravo Farms Resumes Selling Cheese

01/26. Foodborne Hazards of non-E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella - Report on Retail Ground Beef Sampling 2008-2010

01/25. Listeria Linked to Salad Mix in Rhode Island

01/24. Food poisoning sickens 28 Russian students

01/24. 2 Ghanaians Dead, 45 Hospitalized in Cholera Outbreak

01/24. Japan to slaughter 410,000 chickens for bird flu

01/24. Shoppers warned picking up wrapped chicken could give food poisoning after bacteria found on

OUTSIDE of packaging

01/24. FDA halts seafood packager's shipments to Georgia, other states

01/24. Bravo Farms cheese E. coli lawsuit


01/21. Norovirus outbreak at Regina General Hospital

01/20. Accidental Beef Shipment Retrieved

01/20. Listeria Found Inside Brooklyn Cheese Facility

01/20. Supplier defends products after listeria fears

01/20. Have we seen the last of the Spinach E. coli cases?

01/20. Sprouts Grower Says FDA Test Results Misleading

01/20. Publisher's Platform: FDA and the 'Mosaic Theory'

01/18. Number of norovirus cases at Saskatoon hospital continue to rise

01/18. FDA test results misleading, Tiny Greens says

01/18. Sproutbreak: Concerns mount over sandwich, salad topping


01/13. Godstone Farm admits E. coli outbreak liability

01/13. Norovirus hits Sask. health facilities

01/12. Haiti's cholera outbreak has not peaked: WHO

01/12. Bakery closed after salmonella outbreak

01/10. Family sues over local’s Listeria death

01/10. Jamaican officials suspect sodium nitrite in food poisoning case

01/10. Tiny Greens, Jimmy John's Sued in Illinois

01/10. Sprouts Outbreak Toll Now at 112 in 18 States


01/05. Seven E. coli O45 Cases Linked to Smoked Meat

01/05. Communion Wafers May Have Been Contaminated By Hepatitis A

01/05. Owner of restaurant linked to E.coli outbreak fined over food hygiene offences

01/05. 3 additional E. coli O45 cases linked to Zillman's Meat Market

01/05. India: Food poisoning sickens more than 150

01/05. India: 17 Nursing students fall ill due to food poisoning

01/05. Food poisoning hits 700 in Ho Chi Minh City

01/05. Marler Clark Files Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Family of Listeria Victim

01/04. More Contaminated Sprouts Linked to Jimmy John's

01/04. Dirty hands likely cause of Long Island hepatitis A outbreak


01/03. E. coli outbreak in Wausau contained

01/03. 57 Illinois residents sickened in Salmonella sprouts outbreak

01/03. West Virginia Hepatitis A Outbreak - 11 People Confirmed

01/03. What is it about Sprouts and E. coli and Salmonella Outbreaks?

01/03. Update on Salmonella sprouts outbreak: 94 ill in 16 states and Washington DC

01/03. Six children died of food poisoning in Central Java

01/03. Lincolnwood bakery to reopen after tainted desserts sickened 100

01/03. 12/22. India: 98 school kids suffer food poisoning, hospitalized

01/03. 12/22. Major Salmonella Outbreaks 2010: final installment



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