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12/23. Ill. health dept. throws one sick Christmas party

12/23. 400 Ho Chi Minh City pupils suffer food poisoning

12/23. Korea: Imported Eel Main Cause of School Food Poisoning

12/22. Calif. child dies of E. coli infection

12/19. Flour may be source of salmonella – NZFSA

12/19. Dallas sheriff and employees violently ill after holiday meal,


12/17. Norovirus Outbreak Linked To Illegally Operating Caterer

12/17. Sri Lanka: Women in a soup

12/17. Three die of food poisoning in Madhya Pradesh village

12/10. Saudi Arabia: 121 hit by food poisoning

12/08. UK: Children back at school after salmonella

12/08. Canadian E. coli Outbreak Declared

12/05. New Zealand: Salmonella outbreak probed

12/05. Scotland: More people affected in a suspected food poisoning incident

12/05. Scotland: Food poisoning feared at conference center


12/04. UK: Scare as fourteen fall sick at city venue

12/03. Chile: Aproqueso denies further listeria cases in products from other companies

12/03. New Zealand: Source of salmonella outbreak stumps officials

12/03. Nigerian death toll rises in tainted formula case

12/03. Saudi Arabia: 88 Oman pilgrims hospitalised with food poisoning

12/02. Philippines: Hepatitis A downs 17 in Limasawa island

12/02. Wales: More than 160 mountain bikers made sick by sheep droppings

12/02. China says 300,000 babies sickened by tainted milk


12/01. CSPI Food Outbreak Report 2008

12/01. Philippines: Expired candies down Benguet school kids

12/01. Outbreak Of Food Poisoning Hits Chile, Kills 5

12/01. S. Korea: Mystery Growing Over Poisoned School Meal

11/26. Outbreak of Trichinellosis Caused by Trichinella papuae, Thailand, 2006

11/26. Romaine from California May be Tied to Canada E. coli

11/26. 2007: ConAgra recalls pot pies after 401 sickened

11/26. India: 120 Vaishnodevi pilgrims fell ill due to food poisoning


11/25. Diners suffer food poisoning from tropical fish in Manchester Restaurant

11/24. 16 dead of suspected food poisoning in Ivory Coast

11/21. India: 300 taken ill after marriage feast in Gujarat

11/21. Sixty-five People Catch Food Poisoning in Helsinki

11/21. India: Four children die of food poisoning in Gujarat

11/21. East China food poisoning result of feuding vendors


11/20. India: 70 school kids hospitalised after food poisoning

11/19. Fifth hepatitis case reported at school

11/19. Canada: E. coli cases confirmed

11/19. Indonesia: 29 students suffer food poisoning

11/18. Officials suspect norovirus making rounds at UW-Madison

11/18. Norovirus confirmed as illness that closed Hope College

11/18. No E-coli Found At University Of Guelph Pita Pit


11/17. Still no confirmation North Bay students contracted E. coli

11/17. India: 1 more dies of food poisoning

11/17. China—Outbreak of Clenbuterol Food Poisoning

11/14. Romaine suspect in Ontario E. coli outbreak

11/14. Ontario. New E. coli cases reported in Guelph

11/14. Philippines: Food poisoning downs 30 in Zambo conference

11/14. India: Jharkhand parents protest food poisoning deaths of children


11/13. Uganda: Bad canned food kills student

11/13. India: Five children die, 66 fall ill due to food poisoning

11/12. Outbreak of E. coli in Southern Ontario

11/12. Salmonella outbreak hits British tourists in Tunisia

11/12. North Bay Harvey's to reopen after E. coli outbreak

11/12. Outbreak sickens 40 to 50 at Wausau sports dinner

11/11. Ontario. Lettuce likely cause of E. coli outbreak

11/11. Cyprus: Halloumi blamed for school poisoning

11/11. Food poisoned patients recovering in east China

11/11. Nigeria: Food Poisoning: Yuguda Orders Full Investigation


11/10. Recall of Mars Petcare Dry Dog and Cat Food Products Associated with Human Salmonella Schwarzengrund Infections

11/10. Elk droppings likely source of kids' E. coli

11/10. Cruise ship hit by norovirus vomiting bug

11/10. Several Virginia Tech students treated for Norovirus

11/10. Hope College estimates 400 students, staff struck by norovirus-like illness

11/10. Elementary school reports 4 ill pupils

11/10. E. coli cases in Niagara, Halton, Waterloo linked

11/10. U of Guelph: No more reports of E. coli


11/09. Food samples tested ruled out in E. coli outbreak

11/09. Suspicions of U.S. link in E. coli outbreaks

11/09. Local E coli outbreak not related to other Michigan cases

11/09. India: 40 students ill, hospitalised for food poisoning

11/08. Nigeria: One student dies, 40 hospitalised over food poisoning

11/08. 81 students sickened in suspected food poisoning in NW China

11/08. India: 15 hospitalised after suspected food poisoning


11/07. India: 40 students ill, hospitalised for food poisoning

11/06. Mars Petcare US Chow Toll of Human Salmonella Hits 79

11/06. Food ruled out as E. coli outbreak source

11/06. E. coli infection hits Guelph university

11/06. Some Canada E. coli Not Linked to Food


11/05. Serious Salmonella Outbreak Hits Holland

11/05. E-coli infected kids still recovering

11/05. 12 new E. coli cases suspected in southern Ont.

11/05. E. coli outbreak hits 43 near Hamilton

11/05. Canada E. coli Still Growing

11/05. The Cause of Illness that Left 200 Sick has Been Determined

11/05. Chinese girls die after eating school dinners

11/05. Team's food poisoning not restaurant's fault


11/04. 2 dead, 28 sickened after food poisoning in China

11/04. Test shows E. coli case unrelated

11/04. New E. coli Outbreak in Denver Colorado

11/03. 20 Sickened by Salmonella in Cicero, NY

11/03. 600 gastro cases sweep South Australia

11/03.  More E. coli cases investigated in southern Ontario

11/02. Some sickened by food at seminar in Portsmouth

11/02. 20 New E. coli cases Linked to One Deli

11/01. New E. coli Outbreak in Denver Colorado

11/01. UAE: Labourers rushed to hospital after eating rotten food

11/01. Australia: Investigation into food poisoning claim


10/31. Muskegon County health officials issue illness advisory

10/31. Tests to determine if listeria case linked to Maple Leaf

10/31. Salmonella in Syracuse Restaurant

10/31. Putting a face on E. coli: Two kids with infection still hospitalized in Iowa City

10/31. 8 E. Coli Cases Reported In Evergreen Area

10/31. E-coli breaks out in Hancock County

10/31. E. coli cases investigated in Eastern Iowa

10/31. Toxin-Producing Bacteria Caused Students and Staff to Get Sick

10/31. E. coli Linked to Another Restaurant


10/30. E. coli cases up to six

10/30. 8 more cases under investigation in Niagara E. Coli outbreak

10/30. E.coli hits two Carmel Creek students

10/30. No Contamination Found in Food That Made Students, Staff Sick

10/29. Salmonella outbreak linked to raw fish consumption

10/29. Links in new E. coli outbreak unclear

10/29. Tally at 230 cases in today’s E. coli update

10/29. Second Niagara restaurant closes over E. coli concerns

10/29. S. Africa: Scores poisoned after eating meat and pap


10/28. Links in new E. coli outbreak unclear

10/28. Ont. restaurant closes during E. coli probe

10/27. E. coli Class Action in Canada

10/27. E. coli cases in North Bay, Ont., climb to 217

10/27. Five E. Coli cases probed in outbreak

10/27. Public health searching for cause of E. coli cases

10/24. 100 on cruise ship in Halifax sick with norovirus

10/24. Northern Ontario E. coli outbreak leaves child in critical condition

10/24. Head Start Students in LA Get Salmonella

10/23. Fourth E. coli case confirmed


10/22. Ireland: Two cases of E.coli found in Clare school

10/22. Jump in suspected E. coli cases in outbreak in North Bay, Ont.

10/22. Lawsuit filed in Snohomish County E. coli outbreak

10/22. Malaysia: Food poisoning hits 60 primary pupils in Johor

10/21. Hepatitis A: dramatic increase in Prague and Riga

10/21. Kansas Health Department Responds To E. coli cases

10/21. Iowa health officials report third case of E. coli

10/21. Confirmed cases of E. coli rise in northern Ontario

10/21. Four weddings in China, no funeral reported

10/21. Police investigating if food served to West Geauga football team was poisoned


10/20. Health officials confirm E. coli caused sickness

10/20. Source of E. coli still unknown

10/20. Canada: E. coli outbreak victims worried, angry

10/20. Source of Vermont E. coli Outbreak Tests Negative for Bacteria

10/20. China: 1500 dogs dead after eating melamine-tainted food

10/17. State releases raw-milk report

10/17. One E. coli case confirmed

10/17. Canada: E-Coli update from Health Unit

10/17. Vermont E. coli Outbreak Originated in Ferrisburgh Slaughterhouse

10/17. Around 50 pupils hit by food poisoning bug in Russia’s Urals

10/17. India: Over 42 cases of food poisoning on day of festival


10/16. Aunt Mid’s, “You Can’t Handle the Truth” of this Lettuce E. coli Outbreak

10/16. Counties report pair of possible E. coli cases

10/16. Canada: E. coli outbreak in expands to 93 cases

10/16. Canada: More will fall ill in E. coli outbreak, officials warn

10/16. Vermont Reports Two More E. coli Cases in Outbreak There

10/16. India: Forty food poisoning cases reported in Vadodara village

10/15. Canada: Cases of E. coli trace back to North Bay Harvey's

10/15. Vermont Investigates Eight Possible Cases of Foodborne Illness

10/15. Judge Approves $24M in Pet Melamine-Poisoning Case

10/15. Philippines: Food poisoning downs 31 in Masbate

10/15. Botswana: Child dies, 100 admitted for food poisoning


10/14. Canada: Fast food restaurant focus of E. coli outbreak
. Japan: Suspected food poisoning kills woman, 95, 2 critical
. NZ: Norovirus outbreak traced to Kerikeri Inlet oysters

10/13. 4 People In Southeastern Wisconsin Infected With Salmonella

10/13. E. coli Contaminated Lettuce Came From California

10/13. E. coli claims the lives of two children

10/13. Ground Beef Suspected in Another E. coli Outbreak

10/13. 61 Chinese banquet guests suffer food poisoning


10/10. Outbreak of L. monocytogenes Infections Associated with Pasteurized Milk from a Local Dairy, MA

10/10. Community Incidence of Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Shiga Toxin–producing Escherichia coli Infections

10/10. Norwalk Virus Shedding after Experimental Human Infection

10/10. Deaths from Norovirus among the Elderly, England and Wales

10/10. UK: Winter vomiting virus caused college closure

10/10. Newest E. coli Outbreak Linked to Colorado Restaurant

10/10. State investigates E.coli cases at daycare

10/10. E. coli in Michigan lettuce traced to California

10/10. State investigation links foodborne outbreak to consumption of peas

10/10. Archbishop of York suffers from food poisoning


10/09. Norovirus Hits 330 USC Students In 5 Days

10/09. E. coli linked to Boulder Jimmy John's

10/09. Germ linked to dairy kills three in outbreak: CDC

10/09. AJK president inquires after food poisoning victims

10/09. 10,000 Chinese children still sick from milk


10/08. Another E. coli case surfaces

10/07. Lubbock Sees Dramatic Increase in Cases of Shigellosis

10/07. Salmonella Outbreak Solved

10/07. Frozen breaded chicken entrees linked to multistate Salmonella outbreak

10/07. E. coli-Tainted Tri-Tip to Blame in Forest Ranch Outbreak

10/07. Food-borne illness on the rise in Lubbock


10/06. Salmonella concerns prompt public health alert

10/06. Canada: Two local E. coli patients recovering

10/06. Hospital says no sign of E. coli

10/06. 32 Cases Of Salmonella Linked To Microwaving Raw Chicken

10/06. Suspected foodborne illness at private school

10/06. Southern California Hit by Norovirus

10/06. 32 Salmonella Cases Linked to Improper Cooking of Frozen Entrees

10/06. 400 people fall victim to food poisoningn in AJK

10/06. India: Food poisoning claims eight lives in Jharkand


10/03. Salmonella in raw chicken led to illnesses in Minnesota

10/03. Four More Sickened in Michigan E. coli Outbreak
E. Coli Sickens Three in Orleans County
10/03. India: 60 hospitalised in Himachal Pradesh after food poisoning
Sri Lanka: Food poisoning hits shoe factory workers

Public Health Officials Investigating wave of E. coli cases

10/02. Norway: Investigators identify virus as cause of hotel epidemic

10/02. Norovirus Blamed in Outbreak at Georgetown University

10/02. France: Salmonella Outbreak in Infants Linked to Baby Milk Formula

10/02. E.coli outbreak hits one Illinois county, officials won't say which

10/02. Public Health Officials Investigating E. coli Cases

10/02. E. coli outbreak sickens 34 statewide

10/02. Philippines: Egg sandwiches could have caused food poisoning

10/02. 96 GU Students Treated for Possible Food Poisoning, Dining Hall Closed Indefinitely

10/02. Macedonia: Pastries Sicken Hundreds

10/02. Philippines: Food poisoning downs 51 elderly in Capiz

10/02. India: 50 taken ill due to food poisoning


10/01. E. coli Cases Linked to Aund Mid’s Climbs to 40 – Aunt Mid’s Refuses to Name Suppliers

10/01. Potential North American Outbreak of Salmonella Poona Being Investigated

10/01. More than 25 E. Coli confirmed in Butte County

10/01. Macedonia: More individuals brought in for food poisoning

10/01. India: 60 hospitalised in Himachal Pradesh after food poisoning

10/01. Georgetown University Food Poisoning

10/01. Food Poisoning Scare Closes Dining Hall at Georgetown Univsity


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